YOURZENMAMA.COM Has Officially Launched

Your Zen Mama

It is with great delight we can announce that our sister site; YOUR ZEN MAMA has officially launched over at!!!

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Your Zen Life founder, Teresa Palmer and her good friend and fellow gorgeous mama Sarah Wright Olsen have created a beautiful community for mamas, papas and caregivers. It is a sister site to YZL and we couldn’t be more excited that it is officially live. It looks incredibly beautiful and is a true reflection of Teresa and Sarah’s passion and love for pregnancy and parenting. They have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to create this beautiful community and whilst we may be a little biased…we think it looks absolutely amazing!

Teresa and Sarah describe below what they have created and hope to achieve with Your Zen Mama:

Your Zen Mama is an all encompassing space to build a community of parents and caregivers discussing the comedy, beauty, and complexity of pregnancy and parenthood. It is a collaborative effort between Mamas Teresa Palmer and Sarah Wright Olsen. As we endeavor along the peaks and valleys of our parenting journey we share our stories, inspirations, triumphs, and defeats in a candid and open manner. This environment lends itself to vulnerability, honest communication, inspiration, and connection. We incorporate guest bloggers and spotlight families that make us smile, we use this platform for all of us to share our voice. YZM celebrates what unites us, we embrace our differences and above all, we encourage and support one another to get the most out of our parenting experience. We open our hearts and homes as we welcome each of you to our community, we look forward to connecting.

You can find out more about YZM as well as get to know Teresa and Sarah better via their Q&A’s here.

We also need to add that they have two of the cutest little boys we ever did see! Bodhi and Wyatt are their blonde babes that are so adorable in every way and both gorgeous mamas are pregnant with baby no. 2 at the moment! So much excitement!!

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Congratulations Teresa and Sarah, we are so excited to continue on this journey with you both (and over the next few months watch those gorgeous bumps continue to grow along the way!)

Hop on over to to explore the beautiful site Teresa and Sarah have created, and don’t forget to follow on instagram: @yourzenmama to stay up to date with all things YZM…and get to see their cute bumps and babes!