Hi guys! I’m so excited today to be here with Meghan Pickrell from Mind&Motion to run through a beautiful Pilates workout. As I thought about  beginning my postpartum fitness journey, I knew there was only one person I wanted to embark on that with, and that is the beautiful Meghan. I have been a long time Pilates lover and for me, personally, I love the way my body responds to Pilates. However, I have to say that Meghan’s studio; Mind&Motion has made all the difference to me in deepening my love for the practice and approaching it from a holistic standpoint incorporating mind, body and soul. The studio space has such a lovely energy with zero pretension or agenda, just love, care and genuine community. Meghan’s incredible approach is to help clients cultivate wellness by blending classic pilates with dynamic freeform movement and the beautiful combination of both is a game changer, Meghan also really focuses on the mind and the inner dialogue we all have surrounding our bodies which impacts our workout and fitness journeys more than we often think it does. I’m excited to share this with you and would love to hear your experiences with Pilates or your current fitness journey and what is working for you. Tez xx

Instagram: @mind_and_motion