Are You Willing To Embrace Your Shadow

‘The Shadow’ is a very popular subject in the new age spirituality movement – and one that you have most likely heard about/done some work around in your journey.

This concept of there being aspects of everyone that are not expressing in the light, that are outside of God, is gaining momentum. However, this concept that there is a part of the self that is somehow not a part of Divinity is as old as spirituality itself. We can replace the word ‘shadow’ with the word ‘ego’, ‘demon’, ‘evil’ and find the roots of these teachings in every spiritual lineage that exists on the planet.

If you are to take a step back, and really look at the ‘self improvement’ movement, you will see that much of it revolves around trying to get rid of what we perceive to be shadowed aspects of the self. This thinking permeates pretty well all systems that exist on the planet right now. There is something broken about you, that needs removing.

You are bombarded, day in and day out, with messages that tell you that your addictions, negative emotions, fears, compulsive behaviours, negative relationship habits, need for this or that – are all your shadow. That need to be eradicated before you can say that you are whole, complete, loveable. But what if this is not really the case?

What if all of the above are all actually a part of your light? I am here to offer that this is in fact 100% the case. In ultimate truth, we live in a unified universe. Meaning there is only the whole – no where for anything to go outside of that whole. In other words, trying to ‘get rid of’ any aspect of yourself, is like saying you are going to throw garbage ‘away’ – without realizing there is no ‘away’ for that garbage to go – it will simply be relocated to a new place.

We know that no energy is ever created or destroyed – only transmuted and transferred into different forms. This is the ultimate truth about your shadow.

Every aspect of your being is God. You have some aspects that have been loved and accepted, and are thus expressing as what you perceive to be your light. Other aspects have been rejected and labelled as bad and these aspects are also God, just God expressing as though love has gone away. True ‘healing’ of the shadow is not a healing at all. It is simply a reintegration of the rejected aspects of yourself back into the light of love.

When you look at negative emotions, negative habits, self sabotaging behaviours – and you get curious rather than judging them as wrong and bad – the magic of transmutation occurs. You allow for a process of self discovery to take place. You allow for these rejected aspects to show you what they have always been. You make room for the transmutation of your shadow back into the light.

Sometimes this looks like self destructive behaviours transmuting into self loving ones. Sometimes this looks like embracing an aspect of your personality you always thought was a ‘flaw’ as a part of your Divine design. Sometimes it looks like a melting of resistance to how you actually feel about things.

Bottom line, to embrace your shadow is to invite love where there was none before. To embrace your shadow is to understand that there is nothing about you to fix, only everything about you to discover, integrate and express. In this, you break away from the idea that you could or should get rid of any part of yourself – which is impossible – and you start on a true journey of authenticity.

So, are you willing to let go of the idea that you must fix or change yourself, in exchange for the idea that you will simply bring light to your shadowy places, and watch the transmutation occur?  This is true self love. Self love is radical. But so are you my friend.

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Ali Washington is a Spiritual Guide, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher who is here to support light workers in finding their truth and living from that place.

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