Why YOU Is So Important

We are taught that it’s good to be altruistic and put the needs of others in front of our own sometimes. But once in a while we get so caught up in others – helping them, listening to their opinion or adjusting to their needs – that we forget that we need to take care of ourselves first.

Unless we give time to our body, our mind, our own being, we can never feel whole, at peace. We forget that there is no explanation needed to take care of ourselves. We are allowed to be selfish and unforgiving when we need to.

In order to be able to function well in a society, our inner child needs to be nurtured and loved, not abandoned. So when others try to tell us what we need to do with our lives, set our goals for us and check our progress against their milestones, we should just remember that they are looking for problems in our lives to their solutions. But what is good for one person can be literal or metaphorical poison to another – we are all different and we all thrive in different conditions.

That’s why somebody else’s solution may very well not be a solution for you. And that is a reason to celebrate, not fight. We are different, but YOU is as important as I. But, unlike I, You is your responsibility, not mine. And I is my responsibility, not yours. This is why You is important. Your You only has one person who can be that dedicated and committed to You’s well-being – and it’s you.

And while we may all know that our body – our immune system – heals itself when sick, we often ignore the fact that our mind can also heal itself and sometimes, during a challenging time, all we need is give ourselves that break to heal. Sometimes all we need to do is wait it out and see how the body and mind revive themselves after a fall. Not be altruistic for a moment and think of only ourselves, be a guilt-free egoist, enjoy the me time and trust in our ability to spring back.

My name is Bratyslava Melnyk and I am a psychologist who specializes in motivation. My goal in life is to be happy, and balance, healthy lifestyle and positive outlook on life seem to be the answer:) I have a psychology blog bmpsychologynotes.tumblr.com