Why I Drink Chlorophyll Every Morning

Swisse Chlorophyll

There’s been a lot of buzz around chlorophyll for a while now. If you never got on board with this health trend, or forgot what it’s about, let me fill you in.

“Hang on, isn’t that the stuff that knocks you out?” a friend first asked when I mentioned my recent liquid chlorophyll purchase. That’s chloroform, which is significantly less commercially available, so no need to fear mixing those two up at the store!

Put simply, it’s the green pigment that plants rely on to absorb sunlight and derive energy. Its molecular structure is remarkably similar to human haemoglobin; this means it increases and strengthens red blood cells which results in better transportation of oxygen. It is also a powerful antioxidant, and can rid your body of toxins, reduce inflammation, restore pH balance in the body, and potentially lower your chances of developing certain types of cancer.

So, we know it’s packed with tons of goodness. But what does all this mean for you day to day?

I started the habit of drinking 1 teaspoon of chlorophyll in water every morning, when I was waking up at 5:30am to commute to university. Personally, I like drinking a small glass at once, rather than adding it to my 1.5L bottle of water. This is because the green pigment can cause your teeth and tongue to go green too – not a good look.

What stood out to me in particular was how chlorophyll helped me get through the day with added focus and clarity. Once I started drinking it, I had a lot more energy and excitement in the morning, preparing me for the day ahead. I paid more attention in class and retained more of what I was learning.

Chlorophyll also works as a liver detox, without having to commit to an intensive, multiple day juice cleanse. You’ll feel so much healthier as it helps your body to flush out those germs and toxins, especially heavy metals like mercury.

While I have only used chlorophyll for cleansing/detoxing and not to cure any specific ailments, I’ve heard amazing stories about what more this substance can do. From relieving gallbladder issues to curing bad breath, studies suggest that it will one day be recommended and used as treatment for a range of illnesses and diseases. I’ve also read it can be beneficial for anyone with an iron deficiency.

While also present in green vegetables, the most reliable sources of chlorophyll are in liquid or tablet form. It might not taste the best in the beginning, so remember to start with small doses to allow your body to get used to it. Chemists, pharmacies and some supermarkets now have liquid bottles available with natural mixed berry or mint flavours.

Have you taken chlorophyll before? What was your experience like? What changes have you noticed?

Nikki Stobie is a twentysomething student living in Melbourne, Australia. She takes care of her body and mind through daily meditation, gratitude lists, and eating vegan. You can find her tweeting and instagramming at @imperialdeer.