Why Do Vegans Look Younger

Emily Spencer

Every woman knows that looks are not solely associated to beauty products, fitness regimens and perfectly-planned outfits. The way we eat is reflected on the way we look more than we realize. Vegans look healthier, happier, and younger. Well, they haven’t particularly discovered the fountain of youth because they are still mortal and get wrinkles, but the truth is that their skin appears more radiant and youthful when compared to the skin of non-vegans.

So what are the reasons behind that obvious fact?

1. Meat, bacteria and adrenaline

Meat is loaded with endotoxins (toxins present in the bacterial cell), regardless of the fact that it’s cooked on high temperatures. These toxins cause inflammation that’s associated with many diseases, but its occurrence is especially visible on the skin. The overall health of the skin can only be boosted through a low-inflammatory, healthy diet that’s rich with antioxidants. Vegan diet, that is.      

The fear, stress and pain the animal goes through while being slaughtered becomes part of the one who eats the meat. If you’re not interested in “theories”, you might appreciate the facts that meat is packed with adrenaline that’s released when the animals are killed. This decreases the sexual appetite and causes cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and stress. Of course it makes you look older.

If you start looking for foods that make you look younger, you will easily realize that they are all vegan. No one will tell you “eat meat and processed goods to look younger”. Well okay, some women “indulge” themselves with meat masks, but that’s plain crazy. The truth is – eating clean will make you radiant from the inside, but will also make your skin healthier.

2. Animal foods and cholesterol

Since heart disease is the leading cause of death and cholesterol is the leading cause of heart disease, it’s easy to understand that eating meat and eggs doesn’t make you any healthier. In comparison, consuming fiber-rich vegan food preserves not only your health, but your youth as well. Doctors advise that in order to reduce the risk of heart attack, the cholesterol levels need to be lowered down to those of an average vegan. People who avoid animal foods sure look younger, but live longer too!  

3. Vitamins

When you stick to a vegan diet, you clearly pack your body with more vitamins that are essential for the way your skin looks. A well-balanced vegan diet provides the body with all needed vitamins, which provide a shield against free radicals and prevent premature aging. Eating raw vegetables also improves the tone and color of the skin. The skin of people who eat vegan does not appear pale or unhealthy.

4. The philosophy of veganism

Veganism is not solely associated to the way you eat; it’s an entire philosophy that reveals new layers each day. Eating vegan will make you happier not only because you will energize your body through the food you eat, but also because you will be contributing towards making this world a better place to live in. Behind all that wisdom, you will find the practical fact that being happier inevitably makes you look younger.

Vegans are not associated with kindness and compassion by chance; it’s because they are being the change they want to see! Not to generalize or anything, but Jared Leto would like you much better if he saw you eating a vegan meal in a restaurant. Enough said, right?  

Author’s bio: Emily Spencer is a beauty junkie and an aspiring blogger from the anti-aging niche. Her long-term interest in healthy food has lead to the recent discovery of the benefits of vegan diet. You can read a wealth of anti-aging tips at her website TargetWrinkles.com! http://targetwrinkles.com