What I Received From Letting Go

You can only lose what you cling to ~ Buddha 

Last year on my birthday I heard a message loud and clear in meditation: Let go, Let God

While in meditation, an imagery of God and I sitting in a car driving down the highway popped into my mind. I was driving and God was sitting beside me in the passenger seat. Then, like lighting, God drops these 4 simple words onto me: Let go, Let God. I slammed the breaks and looked up to my right in complete horror!

What? Why? How can I? All these questions flooded my mind, but at the same time I felt a deep sense of peace for the first time in 2 years. All my questioning halted as the feeling of peace grew bigger and bigger containing my whole being into itself. What I intuitively heard felt so right and I chose to listen

I got out of the seat, walked around the front of the car and took a seat on the passenger side. I looked over to God and said, fine i’ll do it. Let’s see where you take me, I am in!

Since that cold day last Winter when I made this decision all in my 20 minute meditation, I have lived beyond my wildest imagination

I went on a 6 week healing sabbatical to India with my father, a person who I couldn’t even be in the same room with for more than 5 minutes. My relationship with him now is best it has even been in my whole entire life

I moved to a new state with no job lined up and $150 to my name.

I got a job within 2 days of arriving.

I got 4 jobs in less than 3 months

I quit all of them to dive into creating a life on my terms and building a life coaching business that allows me to do what I love

I moved into a gorgeous home at the foothills of the mountains where I wake up everyday feeling grateful and excited.

My trust has deepened as I live and lead with my intuition.

I made more money sitting at the park enjoying a picnic with my friends then, I have ever made in an 8 hour work day.

I received more in 6 months than I ever have in my entire life!

I am at peace. I am happy. I feel on purpose

But, most of all I live each day with three focused intentions:

to feel good, to surrender a little more and to appreciate everything

From this space I learned that when I get in my own way, I struggle. When I let go, I let in all the possibilities that could unfold. I revel in this excitement of what could be by allowing it come forth

Your turn, how can you let go, even just a little, to make room for what the Universe is trying to give you

Kajal is a Spiritual Life Coach, Writer and Teacher of Self-Love helping people to embrace their wholeness and change their lives from the inside out. Grab her free copy of – A guide to self-inquiry: 50 Journaling Prompts to ignite conversations with Soul.

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