We are so excited for you to join us on this journey of health and happiness. What we aim for with YZL is to provide you with a platform to contribute, discuss, learn and create your own balanced lifestyle.

We aim to combine expert opinion with equal parts inspiration, healthy and accessible tips, personal triumph stories and lots of fun!

A little about the YZL Girls

We both knew we’d found kindred spirits with each other when we ended up in the same car on the way to a music festival. Talking for hours, we realized we shared similar goals and dreams for our lives and futures.

We both shared a passion for living as natural and holistically as possible, and were both strongly interested in being involved in charity and philanthropic work.

As much as we both have dreams of career success, we both had the vision of settling down on little organic farms with our barefoot kids, reclining in a hammock drinking biodynamic wine and growing our own vegetables.

It’s a rarity to find someone with such a similar philosophy as you, and we are so lucky to have each other, and to be able to share this passion for a holistic way of life.

Your Zen Life was born out of this. We knew there were so many like-minded people around the world who shared these passions and dreams, and we wanted to create a community to bring us all together.

Our dream is to give you the tools to experience your own Zen Life, but above and beyond that, we want you to be involved. Which is why we think of our site as a scrapbook, full of ideas, stories, opinions and advice, not just from us, but from you.

So take a look around, read and become familiar with our contributors, and maybe get inspired to write your own piece for Your Zen Life and email it to us at yourzenlife@gmail.com

Love, Light and Happiness,
Phoebe and Teresa. xxx