Ways To Love Yourself


Last night I could not get to sleep because I found my mind thinking about previous summers and how many things have changed since then. Do you ever think about how many young girls make such a big deal of their physical appearance? They are too obsessed with their face, body shape and hairstyles. It comes back to all of us though, I believe there are 99 percent of us, who do it to ourselves constantly. I mean, it makes sense. We are all girls. We all want to be beautiful, confident, perfect and desired. But, in my humble opinion, ourselves and other people should pay more attention on what is on the inside, on internal beauty. 

I wish I could go back in time and tell that to myself. When summer ’14 has started, I was a girl with a dream of the perfect body. I’d always been a puffy child since birth, so I had a passionate desire to reach my goal this summer. I started doing more sport and yoga than usual and eating clean food. In a month my body became almost perfect, everyone around me was noticing and my parents were also happy, that I did it and accomplished my goal. But there always has been one girl. She was beautiful and skinny. I think I made this girl an idol. I wanted her figure, her hair, face. I became very critical and started hating almost everything in myself. 

On one site I found an interview where she shared her story of losing weight. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a healthy diet menu. It was a story of starving yourself. She knew that it was the wrong way of losing weight and I knew it too. But it played on my mind and these thoughts played over and over in my head. Of course I started losing weight even more, but an image of perfection and hating on myself didn’t leave me.

Thankfully, my mum noticed what was happening and helped me put a stop to it before I became anorexic. We went to the psychotherapist, where the doctor said that I should start loving myself. But how? 

It took me a year to figure everything out. I made a huge progress in recovering and accepting myself the way I am. I know how many girls are struggling with self-consciousness out here and from my personal story I have a passionate desire to help them, that’s why I want to share these tips with you. 

There are few tips you should follow to love yourself more:

Do not compare yourself to others. It always has been and always will be the first tip of treating yourself right. There’s nothing wrong in admiring another person, but you should realize that you won’t be exactly like them. And that is great!  We are all unique.

Learn more about yourself. We all need ME time, at least one hour a day, set aside just for yourself. Clear your head, take long walks, do some yoga or read more books… Do everything you need to feel relaxed, to learn more about your feelings and about yourself.

Treat yourself. I’m not talking only about food. Of course you can cook tasty vegan cupcakes or pizza, there is no one stopping you. But do other things, treat yourself to something you have been wanting, go to the spa or participate in an activity that you have always wanted to do.

Buy yourself flowers, because… Why not? Having them in your living space brightens it and ultimately just makes you feel good. That’s why buying yourself flowers says “I love me!”

Get out of all your social media/Switch your phone off. Okay, okay, let’s be honest, we spend a lot of time checking our social media accounts each day and sometimes we just need a break from it. One day I got so sick of all these “perfect” girls from Instagram, so I just turned the phone off and didn’t touch it all day. And I have to say, in the evening I felt so much better than usual. This is proof that the big world wide web has such a large influence on us and how we feel.

Give yourself permission to be imperfect. I know, this is probably the hardest tip to follow. I mean the world is so obsessed with perfectionism nowadays. Just decide you’re going to be okay with it. Stop hiding from the truth. There’s no one perfect person in the world and you are not going to ever be perfect. Instead of getting depressed about it, tell yourself that it’s okay for the moment, give yourself permission to simply be you. Start becoming comfortable in your own skin. Listen to the voice inside that always has the answers you need.



Venera London is a fifteen year old blogger with, yoga, traveling and fashion obsessions. She loves new places, creativity, music, nature and summertime. Tries to live a healthy lifestyle. Venera accepts her mistakes tries to work on them. She wants to inspire the world to become better.


Website: http://veneralondon.blogspot.com/