Volunteering At African Impact

Since I was a teenager, I’ve always dreamt of visiting Africa. I had come across African Impact online and saw they offered incredible projects for volunteers. So this past July I decided to pack my bags and fly to Tanzania alone to embark on my next travelling adventure. I boarded all the way from Sydney, Australia. I was nervous, happy and very excited! When I landed at Kilimanjaro International Airport, it really started to sink in that I was actually doing it! Which was a really radical and surreal feeling.

The project I chose (Education & Community support – Kilimanjaro, Tanzania) offered great quality and free education to the community of Moshi. I had the pleasure to teach English to the Masai tribal men and local primary school kids (who were the cutest!). As well as teach business skills to the beautiful tailors in town and paint murals at the Shiners nursery. It was honestly the most rewarding experience. Part of this was because of the amazing staff and volunteers at African Impact.

It was so nice meeting people from all different races, cultures and walks of life. And even better, seeing everyone come together to do something great. I was truly inspired from this trip and incredibly grateful to have witnessed many like-minded people making a difference in this beautiful country.

And soooo…Weekends we have off! Although I was only there for 10 days I definitely made the most of it. My new friends and I went hiking to the basement of Kilimanjaro, Shopping in Moshi Town, had an African dance night by the bonfire, Visited the Wakipa Women and of course I went on my first ever SAFARI! – Yes, I saw elephants for the first time in the wilderness, which was a very magical experience, I’ll never forget. The wildlife in Africa is extraordinary.

If you are looking for a volunteering experience that is sustainable, safe, life-changing and fun, yet truly impactful with good value I recommend teaming up with African Impact. They have a variety of projects to choose from and are an enjoyable team to work with.

I can’t wait to go back next year!


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Naomi Sequeira is an Australian Actress, Singer, Vegan, Animal Lover & African Impact Ambassodor. With an endearing charm & free spirit, she loves spreading her wellbeing knowledge to the world.

Website: africanimpact.com

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