Understanding Karma


I truly believe that we were all placed on this earth because there is a lesson to be learnt. Who we are and the surroundings that we exist in is no accident. Everything that we are exposed to, the facets of us are all from the result of karma. Karma is a balanced mechanism. We share affinity with the people in our lives, significant or not, they are there for a reason.

At times we may ‘attract’ people in our lives that mistreat us or bring us some kind of sadness or despair. These people are in your lives because of the affinity that intertwines both of your karmas. You may feel suffocated by them, but at the same time always compelled to return to them. This strong connection is from the result of unresolved karma accumulated from this lifetime and also past lifetimes. It’s important to remember that adversities that include the people who are a part of those adversities are our greatest teachers.

Understanding karma has been a part of my journey in deepening my spirituality. At the end of last year, I became quite depressed which wasn’t something foreign to me. I’ve been in and out of depression most of my life but in December of last year it felt different. I began searching for the catalyst, the trigger that had brought me to this emptiness. To be honest, I still don’t know what it was, but I think it was a gift in itself because it in isolation became my catalyst in finding my truth.  Instead of becoming bitter of my situation I’ve learnt to accept it and look for the gift that is on the other side.
I learnt to cut through the illusions and I realised that most things are self-created and are just a distorted reflection of the truth. I knew then that the characteristics that I possessed are there to teach me something and it too is a part of my karma. We are given these traits and situations to learn from it. One by one I began to untie myself from these karmic patterns.

Forgiveness is something I am still learning to do, for me sometimes it’s harder to forgive some people than others and at times it’s the hardest to forgive yourself. I learnt that it depends on the affinity we have with each one of them and the resistance that resides in our subconscious that refuses to let go. When you learn to forgive your mind and body will begin to align with your soul. You will relinquish the idea of being involved with the pain of others, and the pain you receive from others. You will begin to change your perspective of others and situations and those attributes that impact you would no longer be so overwhelming. It’s like an electric circuit. You are one of the batteries. When you remove yourself from this field no energy can generate. When you let go of being the source you can free yourself and at the same time free others.

Let go with compassion and gratitude, even if the gift that you received was given indirectly, you can still carry that gift throughout your journey on earth. Let go of things that no longer serve you and be present. You no longer belong to the past and it no longer belongs to you. The future is yet to be yours, and all you truly have is this moment.

Cherie- Sometimes a yogi, artist and poet but mostly a curious wanderer who enjoys soulful conversations, creating things and collecting inspirations wherever she goes.
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