Time to break the ego and to rise in truth!


Photography by Aaron Feinberg


Friday is only days away. Some of you may feel the wild energy level in the core of your being. If you do not feel it, or you are not aware of it, maybe you have trouble sleeping, or your emotions are a bit chaotic, or you are simply changing small things in your life; cleaning up the energy around you.

Maybe you were you planning to be somewhere on Friday… Maybe you thought you would be with someone, somewhere. Life will bring you to where you should be on that day for you to feel the right energy; for you to be attuned with your higher self. Do not be fooled. The ordinary places in one’s eyes can be sacred and beautiful beyond its basic form.

Enjoy the day fully. Be in the moment. Meditate. Be conscious. Be grateful. Smile. Be hopeful. Be a believer. KNOW. Know that all is right, all is perfect. You are in transition, in movement, but never forget you are in ascension. The path may be tiring, but it is leading you to your own unique secret sunrise.

Be with the people you love. Laugh.

Breathe in and become your personal truth. Forget the ego. Drop the anxiety. Let go of the stress. Life is an unexpected adventure. Let it surprise you. Let yourself be.

Have a wonderful week and treat yourself right.

For those who are far away from oved ones, like I am, meditate and hold them in your thoughts. You will create proximity beyond physicality.
My love is miles away from me, but we will reunite and live that day together. You should do the same.

Of course this is not the end of the book.
This is just the sequel: another chapter.

Light + Love

Sabrina Jasmine


Sabrina Jasmine- I have always been in touch with spirituality. I
learnt how to work with energy at a very young age and I have been
introduced to meditation at the age of nine. I took many courses
(meditation, breathing techniques, ancient knowledge) from The Art of
Living foundation programs. I am very intuitive and I am here to help
people and create a communion so we can all remember we are one.