Three Part Video Series For YZL by Chris Sandel

If there’s one thing that nearly everyone I speak to has in common it’s confusion. Confusion over what they should eat. On what diet to follow. Over how to lose weight. About what exercise they should be doing. The list is endless.


People are confused about how to be healthy. And I don’t blame them. With the amount of conflicting information put out each day and the number of fad diets cropping up at an alarming rate, it’s difficult to know what to believe. It’s been over a decade since I got interested in nutrition, first studied it and then started working with clients. I have learnt a thing or two in this time. I’ve also made my fair share of mistakes (mostly with my own diet exploration and over doing exercise) and have changed many a belief that I previously thought was the ‘one true way’.


I’ve learnt that food is only one part of the health puzzle and broadened my areas of focus when working with clients. I have a particular interest in people’s relationship with food and body image as I quickly learned how much of a problem it was for so many of my clients. I want to share this knowledge and have created a free three-part video series. You can watch it by clicking here.


In video one I talk about my background, how I got into nutrition, how I did triathlons and marathons (and overdid it) and some of my foundational beliefs about health.


In video two I walk you through the number one tool I use for helping clients work out what foods and diet work for them. I am non-dogmatic in my approach and want people to learn what works for them, whatever that may be. I show you how I do this with clients and how you can do it yourself.


In video three I talk about intuitive eating and how you can learn to be more in tune with your body. One of the biggest obstacles to this is people’s often-faulty beliefs about food and their obsession with aesthetics. I explain how the things that people believe are helping them out are normally the habits that leads them to eat more ‘junk’ food and feel worse about their body. This is something most people are shocked about so you want to check it out. 

To watch the videos click here. I hope you enjoy them.  

Chris Sandel is a UK based nutritionist. He runs the company 7 Health ( where he works with clients one-on-one, provides online training programs, and gives talks to businesses about health and fitness. He also lectures for the School of Natural Therapies in London. For daily health tips and articles you can follow his Facebook page (