The magic of oil


By Tez

We all know that healthy oils are essential to maintaining great health in the body as far as nutrition goes but what few of us know is that oils are incredibly healing for our physical appearance too. Our hair, skin and nails can benefit too from these incredible sources from nature.

This oil is AMAZING for your hair. Smother about a handful of oil (more or less depending on your hair length) braid it and leave overnight. The almond oil penetrates through the night and really revitalizes and moisturizes your hair in a very safe and natural way. Shampoo and condition out in the morning and you’ll notice such a difference in the shine, softness and overall quality of your hair.

For those of you with a very sensitive scalp apricot kernel oil is a very soothing oil and does the same trick as the almond oil but with the extra scalp support.

Really coarse hair? Try using avocado oil, the richness of this oil really helps to soften and condition damaged and stressed out hair.

Olive oil is typically used for cooking but can be doubled as an oil to help promote strong and healthy nails. Massage a small drop (can substitute with almond oil too) into the cuticles. This helps to prevent cuticle splitting and promotes strong nail growth.

We LOVE this oil specifically for its amazing ability to reduce the appearance of all types of scars. From stretch marks to old blemish scars it really is a miracle oil that can be applied everyday.

Where to buy
Oilio lusso (Amaaaazing quality luxury oils)
Whole foods

Or any of your local natural food stores!