The healing love of animals


By Tez

There is something so nurturing and reenergizing about the gentle souls of animals. They’re so unwavering in their love and adoration that at the end of a hard day theres nothing like walking into your home and being greeted by a furry little welcoming party. The energy a pet brings into ones life is something that in my opinion cannot be replaced, they show the meaning of true unconditional love.

Sometimes I laugh about how much I learn from my pets, from their tolerance and patience, their curiosity and boundless thirst for adventure and their incredible sensitivity to energies. It’s baffling to me that my dogs can still tell when I’m having a bad day despite my best efforts to get excited with them when I get home. Without fail my dogs will curl up next to me or sit on my feet when I’m trying to cook dinner and just that little extra gesture of affection makes me realize that they have the ability to read us so well. There is great comfort in their company, I feel like their little troop leader and the sense of responsibility to lead them and look after them makes me feel so relied upon and needed. Often in life we are faced with adversity and we struggle to find meaning in things, confidence in ourselves and warmth in the closeness of another person but when you come home and are surrounded by animals who just want to jump on you and smother you with kisses and nudges, you are reminded that sometimes the simplest things in life like this are the best things we could hope for.

My own animals have brought such beauty, companionship, laughter and light to my life that I can’t even remember what my world was like before I had pets. Sure there has been a fair share of eaten shoes, pooped on carpets, dog hair attacks, stinko farts, fussy eaters, vet bills, travel sickness etc etc but you can deal with it when you think about what pleasure you get in the days spent curled up on the bed together watching tv, running down a glorious mountain with the pup right at your heels, jumping in the water and watching your dog learn to swim for the first time. Time passes faster when waiting for hours in my trailer to go on set with my little Luna waiting patiently by my feet. I love running around with them and playing like a little kid again, sitting on your back patio watching the sun go down with them lying on your lap, crying my eyes out into their fur when faced with disappointment (they seriously just sit there and let you do it!) and its always amazing connecting with new people who stop to say hello to them on the street…
I could go on and on about the abundant amount of happiness my animals give me but if you’re reading this I’m sure your life has been touched in some way at some point by a special pet and I know that you’ll agree with me when I say that having an animal opens up your life in the most incredible and rewarding way.

So next time you feel down, recharge your batteries with a little love from a pet, besides we mean the world to them and just seeing us is the best part of their day.
Think about adopting a furry friend and bringing a beautiful little companion into your home today it will enrich your life in the most beautiful of ways.

To my little Luna Palms and Kohda Bear- ‘mama’s little scruff monkey’s. You are the best hiking buddies, slobbery kissers, snoring sleepers, waterhole swimmers, convertible riders, filmset companions, welcoming committee, cheerleaders, comedians and therapists I could ask for… You have brought so much love and joy into my life, thanks for being with me, loving me and never letting me down.