The Efficiency Of Medicinal Plants


Health has become a central element in our lives during the past decade, the main preoccupation one person has on a daily basis is to be healthy physically, but also mentally. Because we pay attention to what we ingest periodically, I’ve chosen to enumerate a few of my personal favorite medicinal herbs and their natural benefits for our bodies, as well as our mind.

Green Tea

This specific type of tea is the most consumed throughout the world, even becoming a habit in some people’s lives to drink multiple times a day. Despite it habituated status, green tea has some exceptional virtues. Apart from being a tasty beverage, it is soothing, diuretic, helps the performance of the digestive system, depurative, anti-cholesterol, slimming, and can also help prevent certain forms of cancer.


Numerous beauty and pharmaceutical products are made of aloe, yet most people aren’t aware that it is a medicinal plant. The gel-like substance contained in the leaves of the plant can be applied onto the skin to exfoliate and moisturize, but its main use is for anti-aging. Aloe is also very useful when treating minor injuries (I have personally used it when I had burnt myself)!

Chamomile Essential Oil

Essential oils are extracted from aromatic plants (in this case chamomile) to mend the both the physical and meta-physical bodies. The chamomile essential oil is typically employed to relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia and stomach aches, it’s also an antispasmodic and a gentle tranquilizer. The oil is sold as a liquid, but also in flake form for easy use when wanting to take a relaxing bath.

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