The Break up Blues


What to do when your heart is totally smashed into pieces? Remember that this too shall pass.

When you find yourself awake in the middle of the night with little eyelid movies playing of the two of you back in happier times just remember that in this moment it’s much easier to remember the good connections and the great experiences you had together rather than the reasons you broke up in the first place. We as humans like to stockpile the pain, one thing feels bad then we start thinking of other things to make us feel bad and then it’s a one way ticket to depressionville where we sit and wallow in the darkness of it all. It feels all too overwhelming and suffocating and in these moments we think it’ll never get easier. But it does. It always does. It’s important to go through these emotions, to ride them like waves and just like the tides of the ocean they will come and go. Think of each wave like a cleansing, it’s a release of pent up frustrations, heartbreak, anger, betrayal, hurt but it’s leaving your body and soon the waves will get further and further apart and your days will feel much brighter. Whether you know it at the time or not, you will have gotten closer to yourself.

Once we can recognize the pattern of our thoughts it becomes much easier to separate irrational thoughts from rational ones and believe me – you will be rich in both during this time. Find strength in knowing that there is a significant reason why you aren’t together anymore. When somebody who takes up so much of your time leaves your orbit then it creates space for something even brighter and deeper to come your way. Look at it as a blessing.. instead of spending all your energy trying to make a broken relationship work you can now spend your energy working on creating the space to attract someone to you who will be the right fit for you at the right time.

So put faith in the universe, god, yourself or whatever it is that you feel connected to and know that perhaps it won’t be that obvious to you yet, but there is a much greater reason for this break up and that perhaps you’re learning an invaluable life lesson. Lean on your friends, say yes to things, do some charity work and blossom with the strength that you gain when you’ve been through adversity. You’ll soon be wiser, stronger and ready to love again- freely, openly and confidently. Shine bright out there and know that these moments are all a part of the journey in life and only make us greater.