The Benefits of Massage


By Amelie Laurent

Massage can be helpful for ones well-being. We can recognize the many benefits it brings to us both physical and mental. There are different types of massages according to our different desires and needs.

Korean massage

This massage helps to relax the muscles and to evacuate the stress. It relieves back, improves sleep and gives access to the resources of our subconscious. This massage is based on vibrations propelled in the different parts of the body that are intended to release muscle tension.

Chinese massage

It’s a technique of traditional Chinese medicine which is based on the balance of Qi movement or the balance of the energy throughout the body.
This technique helps you to relax muscles, to relax your mind and increase flexibility.

It also helps prevent nausea during pregnancy or during the phases of chemotherapy in the cancer treatment. This massage relieves lower back pain, improves sleep and digestion.

Swedish massage

The main goal of this massage is to bring the body at the height of its abilities and aptitudes. It consists of deep pressures, firm and soft on the patient to tone the body. It’s also used to mitigate the pain at the back to reduce fatigue and relieves joints. It also improves blood flow by directing it towards the heart.

Indian head massage

This massage involves massaging the hair with essential oils as well as the head, neck and shoulders. There are numerous benefits of this massage. It relieves stress, tension and headaches. It promotes blood circulation, sleep and concentration. It also reduces eye pain and hair loss.
It improves the appearance of the scalp and hair thanks to the oils and clears the sinuses.

Massage with feet

This massage also called Chavutti-Thirumal, is different from the others because it is practiced with the feet, balancing on the back of the person holding a rope located above it. This massage provides relaxation and improves body mobility. It reduces tension, muscle pain and stress. This technique also actions on the organism. It promotes blood circulation and enhances the body’s ability to rid itself of toxins. It can also reduce respiratory problems and has excellent drainage allows a body both healthy and beautiful.

Kashmiri massage

This massage comes from india and has its technique from yoga. This is a soft and powerful massage, that stimulates and envelopes consciousness throughout the body. This massage provides a better understanding of the body and helps awaken the senses. It also serves as a prevention against stress and depression among other things.

The hot stone massage

This practice of Native Americans is performed with polished stones born by volcanic eruptions, that contain grains of magnetic iron, which is why they have a special ability to retain heat.

Heat immediately relieves muscle pain, eases tension and gives a feeling of relaxation and stress relief. Blood circulation and energy flow is restored naturally.

There are many massages that bring valuable benefits to one’s physical and mental health, so do not hesitate to take time for yourself and find a massage that works for you.

Amélie Laurent is a girl from France passionate with animals, nature, healthy living, yoga, travels and more that wants to share things or stories to help people with any kind of problems or just to share what she likes.

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