Tez Talks Q&A // Series 1 – Episode 1 (Health and Positivity)

Teresa Talks Question and Answers

Tez Talks Q&A Series 1 – Episode 1

Hi guys!! We are so excited to bring you this brand new series of Tez Talks Q&A!

As you know, Tez Talks is a special part of Your Zen Life and something Teresa absolutely loves putting together for the amazing YZL community which is why we are thrilled to introduce this new series of Q&A’s! We receive so many wonderful comments and suggestions on each Tez Talks that goes live and so Teresa wanted to hear from you to find out what questions you had and any specific areas you wanted her to share her thoughts on. When we put the call out for question contributions, we were inundated with a beautiful response of amazing questions that came flooding through and from there, this series of Tez Talks Q&A was born. Teresa loved answering all of your questions and we hope you enjoy watching this series as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you! So sit back, relax, grab a smoothie or cup of tea and join us over the next little while as we release a new episode each week.

If your question didn’t make it in the nick of time, please don’t worry – it has been noted for Series 2!

In this episode, Teresa answers:

– Would there be any tips to stay healthy and positive when you’re constantly worn down and busy?

– Do you have advice about comparing your own life with other peoples and thinking if you had what they had, you would be happier?

Tune in to find out Teresa’s insights and advice on these questions. In her answers, Teresa discusses the importance of carving out ‘me time’, checking in with yourself and taking a personal inventory as well as learning to cultivate happiness from within and why that is so important.

Stay tuned next week for episode 2!



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