Tez Talks Q&A // Series 2 – Episode 18 (Teresa talks Recovery, Sensitivity & Feminine Energy)

Tez Talks Q&A // Series 2 – Episode 18 (Teresa talks Recovery, Sensitivity & Feminine Energy) 

Hello guys! Welcome back to episode #18 of series 2 of our Tez Talks Q&A, today is one that Teresa is extra excited to share with you. Episode #18 is filled with some really brilliant and inspiring thought-provoking questions that Teresa really enjoyed reading and answering! She reads everything and as we were putting together the schedule for this series, Teresa loved reading through all of your fantastic questions, this series has been so wonderful to put together for you guys!! Thank you to every member of the brilliant YZL community, your support and feedback is wonderful and Teresa loves being able to share her insights and experience with you. We hope todays episode will provide you with a source of inspiration as you continue to navigate through your current journey.

In today’s episode, #18, Teresa answers the following questions;

– I just had major surgery and am in a state of recovery. I was wondering if you could share any tips for keeping a positive mindset and also a way to keep healthy during my recovery stage?

– Do you identify as being a highly sensitive person (HSP) if so what do you think are the greatest benefits of this and what do you think are important strategies in managing this temperament to be your best in a world that can seem harsh and overwhelming?

– I’m a big fan of Mother Earth and I believe we need more feminine energy in this world to heal it. Ego and masculinity (in both men and women) is destroying nature and the planet. How do you think we can help give rise to and protect our feminine energy (in both men and women), so that being gentle, kind and peaceful is more valued?

Teresa shares her tips and advice for recovering from surgery, she shares with us her suggestions for keeping a positive mindset, and also really using the time wisely to develop and grow. She talks about the physicality too and steps you can take to maintain your health and be balanced during this stage. She shares how she looked after her body after giving birth and how she nourished and nurtured her body and mind. Teresa then goes on to talk about being a sensitive person and her experience with this. She talks about feeling the depths of life and navigating the challenges when you feel it so much, but what the amazing flip side is too. She shares her personal experience with being a sensitive being and the incredible gift in it. Finally, Teresa talks about energy and the shift towards embracing femininity as a society, in both men and women. She gives examples in her life, with her sweet husband. And why she believes it’s exciting and hopeful for the future and how the feminine energy in the world can begin to heal some of the friction that we see.


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