Tez Talks Q&A // Series 2 – Episode 20 (Teresa talks Healthy Boundaries, Meditation Music & Manifesting)

Tez Talks Q&A // Series 2 – Episode 20 (Teresa talks Healthy Boundaries, Meditation Music & Manifesting) 

Hi everyone! Can you believe we’re up to episode #20 of series 2 of our Tez Talks Q&A! Episode #20 is filled with some really inspiring topics and Teresa shares her experience and advice on the topics sent through by YZL community members which we hope will resonate with you. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed a question – this series has been filled with so many thought-provoking and interesting questions, Teresa read through all of them and loved putting together this series for you all. We hope that you gain some insight, inspiration or light to help you navigate wherever you’re currently at on your journey.

In today’s episode, #20, Teresa answers the following questions;

– You’ve spoken about toxic relationships before, do you have any further advice on how to set healthy boundaries within the relationship but still be able to be there for the person and support them? Is this possible?

– Can you suggest any music for meditating? 

– How do you surrender control without fearing that you might be jinxing yourself to fail? How can we trust the Universe will bring us what we need without helping it? I would hate to miss an opportunity to make something happen because I was sitting back hoping the Universe will do it for me.

Today, Teresa discusses some really inspiring topics! To kick off the episode, she talks about setting healthy boundaries within relationships and energetically distancing and liberating yourself from the responsibility to fix and save them, but still continuing to be a loving and supportive person. It’s important to set boundaries and let them know they have your support and love but they need to do the work themselves to navigate through their own journey to learn, heal and grow. She shares her own personal experience with this and the importance of taking care of yourself first and foremost. Teresa then shares her tips on meditation music, personal favorites of hers  and her tips on how to find something that works for you. Finally, Teresa talks about manifesting and the Universe and the fine balance between allowing things to happen to you but also going out and pursuing your dreams and passions. She shares her personal tips and how to welcome in the things you want to manifest and align yourself with the right frequency, but also how important it is to let go of the control and expectation surrounding it. She discusses things she has manifested in her life and talks about being focused and not approaching it from a passive perspective, but rather doing everything you can to put the energy out into the world to allow the Universe to say yes, and then surrendering all control.



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