Tez Talks Q&A // Series 2 – Episode 19 (Teresa talks Meaningful Relationships, Mindfulness & Eating Disorders)

Tez Talks Q&A // Series 2 – Episode 19 (Teresa talks Meaningful Relationships, Mindfulness & Eating Disorders) 

Hi everyone! Welcome back as we bring you episode #19 of series 2 of our Tez Talks Q&A, today’s episode is filled with some really interesting questions surrounding a variety of topics. Teresa shares her advice on navigating the challenges our community members have sent through in the questions for this episode. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed a question, Teresa read through all of them and loved putting together this series for you all. We hope that you gain some insight, inspiration or light from today’s episode to help you navigate whatever you are currently going through.

In today’s episode, #19, Teresa answers the following questions;

– How can you maintain meaningful relationships with friends as life begins to get hectic?

– How can I learn to relax and clear my mind?

– In regard to eating disorders, do you have any advice on how to get back on track with healthy eating habits and mindfulness when you’ve taken a step back in your recovery / journey and feel stuck?

Today, Teresa discusses meaningful relationships and shares her advice on how to maintain those precious friendships when life gets busy. It is inevitable that life gets in the way sometimes and as we get older and work, marriage, kids take up more of our time, it is vital to carve out the time for your tribe. Teresa shares her advice on checking in with friends and how she makes this work in her own life. Teresa shares her philosophy on the misconception of ‘clearing the mind’ and how it is important to liberate yourself from this pressure, as whilst it is almost impossible to completely ‘clear’ the mind, it is possible to slow down and quieten the mind and it is important to do this often. She shares her relaxation and mindfulness techniques including deep breathing, me time and guided meditations. Finally, she discusses eating disorders and the challenges of navigating through this hard journey. Whilst she has never had an eating disorder, she shares her experience with unhealthy relationships she has had with food in the past and how she navigated through this.



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