Tez Talks Q&A // Series 2 – Episode 15 (Teresa talks Stressful Days, Mindfulness & Intuition)

Tez Talks Q&A // Series 2 – Episode 15 (Teresa talks Stressful Days, Mindfulness & Intuition) 

Hi guys!! Welcome back to episode 15 of series 2 of our Tez Talks Q&A. We say this every week but mean it, Teresa absolutely loved reading and answering all of your fantastic questions and we had a ball putting together this series for you!! Thank you to each and every one of you who submitted such thought-provoking, inspiring questions. Today’s episode is no different, filled with three goodies that we hope will provide you with a source of inspiration as you continue to navigate whatever path you are currently on.

In today’s episode, #15, Teresa answers the following questions;

– Do you have any tips for dealing with a stressful day?

– How did you begin to change your reaction to people / events as you became invested in mindfulness and started delving deeper into your core? Did you find it difficult to be around people you have known for years, yet still continue to change?

– Do you have any advice on finding your intuition?

Teresa begins by talking about stress and actually sharing a stressful experience she had prior to filming today’s episode and how she chose to deal with and move through it. Teresa then shares her journey with mindfulness and why she believes it’s important to sit with who your authentic self is in the present moment. She discusses how it’s easy to fall back into old patterns when it comes to old relationships, but how vital it is to stay true to your core and learn to engage in different ways to ensure you are always serving yourself and keeping your relationships truthful. And finally, Teresa shares her thoughts and advice on intuition and tips she has on how to really channel it.



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