Tez Talks Q&A // Series 2 – Episode 1 (Teresa talks Life Paths, Spirituality & Diet)

Teresa Talks Questions and Answers

Tez Talks Q&A // Series 2 – Episode 1 (Teresa talks Life Paths, Spirituality & Diet)

Hi amazing YZL-ers!! We are so excited to bring you episode 1 of Series 2 of Tez Talks Q&A!!

Throughout this Q&A series, Teresa is answering all of the wonderful questions submitted by YOU…our amazing YZL community! Teresa enjoyed reading all of your questions and has absolutely loved answering and sharing her insights. We were seriously so blown away with your amazing, inspiring and thought-provoking questions and Teresa absolutely loved answering them. We received so many amazing question submissions and Teresa has answered as many questions as we could fit into the episodes.

In today’s episode, #1, Teresa answers the following questions;

– How do we know what the right path for us is and how do we know we are making the right decision?

– Has finding yourself spiritually affected how you interact with people? Has it affected how you go about your relationships? Has it affected how you raise Bodhi?

– Can you share some of your favourite dishes for breakfast lunch and dinner & some of your favourite workouts?

Teresa wants to express her biggest thank you to everyone who took the time out to submit a question for series 2!  These 3 in todays episode are just the beginning of an amazing series filled to the brim with such wonderful questions! In today’s episode, Teresa shares her advice on tuning in to your intuition and trusting that you’re on the right path. She also delves into spirituality and how her journey has shaped her interactions and relationships. Finally, she shares her diet choices, favorite recipes and workouts with us. She references this workout here (featured on our sister site; Your Zen Mama) with the amazing Jeff from LA Mindset as well as some of her favorite recipes featured on YZL here, here, here and here.

We hope you enjoy the first episode of series 2 and stay tuned next week for when episode 2 drops, and in the meantime, head over to yourzenlife.com or our YouTube channel here to subscribe and catch up on any you have missed from our first series! Again, from Teresa and Team YZL THANKS to each and every one of you – our amazing community – for your wonderful support. We’d love to hear your comments and feedback below or hop over to our instagram page @loveyourzenlife and interact with us there!


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