Tez Talks Q&A // Series 1 – Episode 6 (Serenity and Balance)

Teresa Talks Question and Answers

Tez Talks Q&A Series 1 – Episode 6

Hi everyone!

We’re so thrilled to welcome you back for the latest instalment of our special Tez Talks Q&A series – we are loving how much you guys are enjoying this series so far and we’re super excited to bring you this next episode today! Throughout this Q&A series, Teresa is answering all of the wonderful questions submitted by YOU…our amazing YZL community! Teresa enjoyed reading and exploring all of your questions and loved sharing her insights.

In this episode, Teresa answers the following questions;

– On your social networks you seem very ‘serene’ – do you have tips to evolve in this direction?

– Do you have any advice on what you can do daily / weekly to live a balanced life and check in with yourself?

– What would you tell your 19 year old self about living a balanced life and steps to get there?

– Are you raising Bodhi vegan?

As you can see above, episode #6 is jam packed with amazing questions! Watch this episode and learn what Teresa has to share. Teresa discusses the concept of serenity and how to cultivate more of it in your life and be a more ‘serene’ person. She shares her advice on how to live a more balanced life and consciously create constant check-ins with yourself and shares what she would tell her younger self on living a balanced life, including steps to take to get there. This episode ends with Teresa talking about Bodhi’s diet and the decisions behind her choice.

We hope you are continuing to love the series as much as Teresa loved filming it for you. As always, thank you so much for your love and support! Stay tuned next week when we bring you episode 7 and in the meantime, head over to yourzenlife.com or our YouTube channel direct here to subscribe and catch up on any you have missed! And thank you again from Teresa and Team YZL for your wonderful support. We’d love to hear your comments and feedback below or hop over to our instagram page @loveyourzenlife and interact with us there!

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