Tez Talks Q&A // Series 1 – Episode 2 (Spirituality and Breastfeeding)

Teresa Talks Question and Answers

Tez Talks Q&A Series 1 – Episode 2

Hi guys!

Welcome back for the next episode of our Tez Talks Q&A series! Throughout this series, Teresa is answering all of the wonderful questions submitted by YOU…our amazing YZL community! Teresa enjoyed reading all of your questions and absolutely loved filming this series and sharing her insights. We were thrilled with the positive response we received from episode 1 and how much you guys loved it which makes us super excited to bring you the next part today!

In this episode, Teresa answers the following two questions;

– You have said you grew up strict Catholic. What made you transition into being more ‘spiritual’? How does spiritualism differ to Christianity and Catholicism? 

– Have you experienced any difficulties breastfeeding while vegan?

Watch this episode below to discover Teresa’s answers! Teresa shares her personal experiences and insights in relation to these questions. She discusses spirituality and explains what it means to her. She talks about her experience growing up as a strict Catholic and her journey transitioning beyond that; learning, growing and taking from different belief systems and why that feels right for her. In answer to the second question; Teresa gives a little breakdown of her diet and also discusses that whilst she isn’t vegan, she has had many friends breastfeed successfully whilst on a completely vegan diet.

Again guys, we really hope you loved watching this as much as Teresa loved filming it. We’re excited for you all to discover the rest of the series. Stay tuned next week when episode 3 drops and please continue to share your comments and feedback with us, we love hearing from you! You can also head over to our YouTube channel direct here and catch up on last weeks debut episode, or any other previous Tez Talks you may have missed!



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