Tez Talks #35 – Teresa talks vulnerability, discomfort and being easy on yourself!

Hi Guys!!

Welcome back to Tez Talks! Thank you so much for your patience.

In this Tez Talk I explain why I have held off on doing another talk to my beloved YZL community! It has been a busy year to say the least but it felt amazing to record this and reconnect with you all. I touch on the beauty of learning to go with the flow…life is a crazy thing so be good to yourselves and lean into that uneasy space, you might just surprise yourself at how you handle it.

My current work reminds me that our life is a reflection of the energy we put out. If it’s discomfort you’re feeling, what lesson can you take from that? Remember that we are ever evolving – no matter what, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

I can’t wait to hear your feedback. If there is something you would like me to dive into next time then please leave a comment!

Sending so much love to you all. Tez x