Tez Talks #34 – The Art Of Stopping Time

teresa palmer

Hi guys!!

Happy 2018!!

I’m excited to kick off the year with a brand new Tez Talks. Today I share with you my reflections, lessons and journey from 2017 and my excitement and focus for the year ahead.

My main priority for 2018 is to focus on time: in regards to both using my time wisely and creating space and reduce self imposed ‘busyness’. I really want to organise my time more so I am spending it wisely, focusing on and paying attention to the things that I really care about.

For Christmas I received this beautiful book from my A Discovery Of Witches co-star Matthew Goode for Christmas and it was a really meaningful gift which has now become my new favorite book! It’s called The Art Of Stopping Time by Pedram Shojai (we will link to it below).

It’s basically a beautiful practice of mindfulness for busy people – which is definitely me!! I have been reading a page a day which has really been quite life changing for me. I love the concepts and strategies the book suggests and I have found it to be a beautiful reminder that has inspired me to really zone and focus on what is important in life. And I’ve found by reading a page a day, it sets my day up in a way that allows me to stop and check in with where my time and attention is going and forces me too evaluate if I am using it wisely and on what matters most.

In todays Tez Talks I explain to you one of my favorite concepts in the book so far as well as reading you a few excerpts. I could go on about this book all day, it really is incredible.

I hope you enjoy todays Tez Talks! I hope you are able to take something away to implement in your own life. Thank you for all of your support for Tez Talks, it’s something that I love doing so much because I love connecting with each and every one of you.

I’d love to know if you’ve read the book and hear your thoughts, or let me know any mindful practices you create space for. Share in the comments below or connect with us on Instagram at @loveyourzenlife and @teresapalmer

Tez x

BOOK: The Art Of Stopping Time by Pedram Shojai

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