Tez Talks #33 – Body Image and Nutrition

body image

Hello and happy holidays to our beautiful YZL community!

Welcome back to Tez Talks! Today I am talking about body image and nutrition. And whilst this is something I have touched on in the past, we have received many questions and suggestions to discuss this topic more and I wanted to share my thoughts with you today.

Today I share, open heartedly, my journey with body image and my development with this over the years. Body image is something that is so prevalent in the industry I work in, and it’s something that I struggled to grasp from the inception of my career. And as I explain, it took me a few years to return to a healthy place with it and learn to nourish my body and treat it well with healthy food choice, exercise, sleep etc but predominantly changing my mindset to embrace my body; all of the lumps, bumps and ‘flaws’ that I see. This is my body, it’s what I’ve been given and it’s perfect because it’s me. And your body is perfect because it’s you. We need to treat ourselves with kindness, love ourselves a little more, a little harder, a little more often. Because we are all beautiful just as we are.

In the society we live in today, there is such a heavy focus on the physical: body image and appearance… and it begins from an early age. But instead, we should be encouraging ourselves, and the younger, more impressionable generations to celebrate our bodies, embrace who we are and be comfortable in our own skin. For me personally, it was a long journey for me to get to a place of being comfortable and embracing my body and to stop my unhealthy relationship with food and being obsessive with calories and exercise. However, it was only a few years of living in that headspace until I completely shifted my thoughts, my focus and my perception of beauty. Beauty is REAL. And we should be celebrating real. There is more to life than numbers on a scale and the perception of ‘beauty’, it’s about loving ourselves, loving one another, being kind, being happy, being our best selves.. being the change.

And as always, the biggest thank you from my heart to yours for tuning in and your continuous support, Tez Talks are so special to me because it’s my space to connect with you in an open, authentic and vulnerable way. Your love and support means so much to me – our YZL manager Cass passes all of the comments, emails and messages to me and they really mean so much. I’m so grateful to each and every one of you and I am incredibly excited for all that’s to come for the YZL community in 2018 – and many more Tez Talks!

Happy New Year, I hope it’s a safe, happy and healthy one and filled with abundant amounts of self love and self care. See you next year, guys!


Tez x