Tez Talks #32 – The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Teresa Palmer, Tez Talks

Hi guys!

Welcome back to Tez Talks! I’m so excited to be back today to talk about the stories we tell ourselves. We ALL do it: we’re all human with the same feelings, thoughts, emotions and insecurities that come up and it’s really interesting to think about how we see ourselves, how we think others see us and in light of that, the labels we give ourselves.

I discuss reality and what is real.. the stories we create aren’t based on reality, they are based on our own opinions, perceptions and conditioning and from there we draw conclusions and make decisions. However, this isn’t the truth.

I share my personal experience with believing my stories and how I navigate through this to essentially weed out what the real truths are. For me, this involves going inwards and really marinating in my feelings, journaling, observing and analysing my emotions and -as uncomfortable as it can sometimes be – getting deep, because that is where the growth lies. And I talk about always coming from a place of openness, vulnerability and authenticity and the power that can have to transform a situation. Leading with compassion allows us to have more meaningful conversations with ourselves and others.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that YOU are the scribe of your story. How can you rewrite yours? I’d love for you to share in the comments below or connect with us on Instagram at @loveyourzenlife and @teresapalmer.

Thanks for tuning in, Tez Talks are so special to me because it’s my space to be open, authentic and vulnerable and connect with you. I appreciate all the love and support – our YZL manager Cass passes all of the comments, emails and messages to me and they really mean so much. I’m so grateful to all of our wonderful YZL-ers.

Until next month guys!


Tez x