Tez Talks #31 – Nutrition, Conscious Living & Plant Based Diets

Hi guys!

Welcome back to this months Tez Talks. Today, I’m excited to delve into nutrition and share my journey with transitioning to a plant based diet.
For me, it hasn’t always been this way and in this Tez Talks I share with you how my diet has (thankfully!) changed over the years and how my journey with nutrition and wellness has evolved. When I was younger, there wasn’t really anything food-wise that was off limits, I wasn’t educated about nutrition and therefore made some very interesting (and now what I would consider to be poor) food choices. I share with you a little about what I used to eat on a daily basis but also how I’ve learnt to find the beauty in this and relinquish any judgment because my teenage self didn’t know any better. There was such a disconnection for me with food. Even though I loved animals so much, I didn’t care enough, or know enough, to stop eating meet. And it was only once I found that connection that my nutrition journey developed.
Once I realized I was contributing to the suffering of animals, I began by making the decision to cut out red meat. From there I transitioned into stopping eating chicken, turkey and ham and I kept eating fish up until a year ago – in today’s episode I share how it was actually my son Bodhi, who made the connection and we decided as a family to stop eating fish.
As we began our transition to a vegan diet, I felt a lot better – physically and also felt like I was being authentic and more true to my beliefs. Every year, one vegan saves 100 animals and it’s these small steps that truly allow our environment to flourish. It has been so long now since I have eaten meat and I don’t miss it, crave it or feel any desire to have it. In saying that, it is important to make smart food choices and ensure you are getting enough protein etc which is why below we have included some great links (find them below under the video) for plant based protein sources.
How can you make a conscious change for your health and the environment? The thing is, it doesn’t have to ‘be’ a specific anything diet. You can be a flexitarian and begin by cutting out meat for say, one day a week. There is no right or wrong and it most certainly doesn’t have to be some grand transition. I encourage you to take small steps, get real with yourself and find that connection and make your decision based from there.
I’d love for you to share your diet and nutrition journey with me in the comments below, or connect with us over on Instagram: @loveyourzenlife / @teresapalmer
Thanks for watching guys, I’ll see you next month.

Love, Tez x