Tez Talks #30 – Manifesting and Vision Boards

Teresa Palmer

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to be back for another Tez Talks and particularly excited for today’s topic as it’s something I love doing. I get questions all the time regarding manifesting, vision boards and how to do it, so I wanted to put together a Tez Talks with my guide to manifesting. I touch on The Law of Attraction, share how I go about it and examples of what vision boards have looked like for me, my tips and tricks on getting clear and really calling into your life whatever it is you desire.

When it comes to manifesting, for me, the two keys are getting clear and coming from a place of abundance. When you take the time out to really figure out what it is you want and really get clear, the beauty that then comes with that clarity is that you subconsciously gravitate towards those things. As I’ve spoken about in previous Tez Talks, when you’re vibrating higher, you attract higher things into your life – it’s so interesting how it works but it is the basic principle of The Law of Attraction. The key to manifesting is staying in a positive state of mind and not obsessing or dwelling over the things on your board because that tells the Universe you are ‘lacking’. I give an example of my last vision board and how as soon I let go of the obsession, the thing I was obsessing over came into my life. A healthier way to manifest is to come from a place of abundance, when you are already fulfilled and grateful for what you presently have, it shifts your frequency and allows for those things to come into your life quicker.

Making vision boards is one of my favorite things to do and something I usually make a day of! I really recommend carving the time out and setting aside a specific chunk of time to do it so that you’re not rushed and can really focus. Get clear with your intentions of where you are heading and what you want for your life, then immerse yourself into research and take the time to find the right pictures that represent what you desire and have meaning behind them! We would LOVE to see your pictures of your vision boards, so please do tag @teresapalmer and @loveyourzenlife. Please share any of your own manifesting tips or success stories with us in the comments below or on our social media, we would love to hear!

And remember guys, you have the power to call into your life all the things you desire: it boils down to getting clear and letting go.

Love, Tez x