Tez Talks #29 – Conscious Relationships & Communication

Tez Talks #29 – Conscious Relationships & Communication

Hi guys!

Today I recruited my hubby, Mark along to sit down and discuss conscious relationships. We’ve had people comment and ask how we do what we do and our tips for having a conscious relationship so we wanted to sit down and share our thoughts and a little about our journey.

In this Tez Talks we talk about the importance of communication – this has been key for us as we’ve grown together in our relationship and definitely something we worked on a lot from the beginning. Mark shares his advice on being real, fully showing up and revealing yourself – your whole self – to one another and why this is important as well as touching on making fear based decisions and why it’s imperative to always come from a place of authenticity and love. Mark also talks about his beautiful definition of ‘real intimacy’ and how being vulnerable and open is key. It involves some self discovery, but once you do the work and really know, love and respect yourself you can then be stripped back and revealing within your relationship.

We touch on the importance of creating and carving out space for one another, life can get busy and when you throw in kids or work or any number of things on top of general day-to-day busyness, it’s so easy to sacrifice that time with your partner unless you make a conscious effort to carve it out and real connection is vital.

So excited to be back with Tez Talks! I hope you enjoy!

Love, Tez x