Tez Talks #26 with Gemma Pranita – “Leaning Into Fear”

Teresa Talks Questions and Answers
Today we have an extra special Tez Talks to share with you. In Tez Talks #26, Teresa has special guest and dear friend Gemma Pranita in and they talk about all things fear related. Fear plays such a huge part in so many aspects of our lives, In particular surrounding failure. So many of us are so scared of failure that it stops us doing things we really want to. Rather than show resistance and being fearful of failure, Tez and Gem get personal and give you examples of failures they have had in their lives and why it is integral to embrace failure. Both girls have learnt over the years how to embrace failure and realise that it is an opportunity to grow and reflect and there are so many beautiful gifts when you come out the other side, and amazing lessons upon reflection. 

So, grab a cuppa, sit down and watch this beautiful Tez Talks and be inspired to let go of expectations, embrace failure and lean into fear!