Teresa’s body boot camp workout!!


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Hey guys, so if you’re ever feeling like you’ve been slacking off in the gym, you’ve had no motivation or you want to tighten certain body parts that I’m sure only you notice any problems with.. Then here is my fun one- week workout for when I want to be challenged.- Tez

Day 1

Treadmill interval hills and sprints.
Duration: 30- 40 mins
**Note adjust these speeds and incline according to your fitness level, this is just what I do**

Warm up: 3 mins at 4mph/6.5kmph
Sprint: 30 seconds at 10mph/16kmph
Walk: 45 seconds at 4mph/6.5kmph
Incline: 1 minute @ 15% incline and 4mph/6.5kmph
Walk: 45 seconds at 4mph/6.5kmph
Repeat the above sprint, walk, incline, walk, sprint, walk etc until you have gone for over 30 mins.
Cool down: 5 mins walking at 3.5mph/5.5kmph and gradually decrease speed until you are walking very slowly.

STRETCH hamstrings, calves, buttocks (!!)

Day 2.


Pilates. Sign up for a class using the reformer or download a class online and follow along using your mat

Day 3

At gym

Pick three exercises of your choice. Do 15-20 reps of each one and then do two more sets of the three exercises. Then pick three different ones and do the same. Then three more and do the same. So you total 9 exercises and 9 sets which take you to about 45 minutes! Perfect amount of time for a weights session plus a stretch afterwards.

Below are some options I like to do but it could be anything you want to work on- calf raises, adductor machine, plank position for 1 minute, plyometrics, chest press, push ups etc

abs bench
– 20 straight up sit ups, all the way to touch toes
– 20 sit ups twisting abs from side to side
– 20 sit ups aiming for straight above your head (as if trying to touch ceiling)
– flip around lying on you back, hold on the to bench behind your head and move your legs up and down hovering for 2 seconds at the lowest point without arching into your back. 15 reps

Assisted pull up machine
Put the pin in 40-50lbs so really you’re pulling your weight up minus 40/50lbs
10 reps

Arms with dumbbells
Do the following with 15 reps with 5lbs weights.
Swimmers- touching hands above your head and then bringing them down to touch at the front of your body forming a big O shape. Keep arms straight
T’s- hand alongside your body then bring them straight alongside you forming a T.
Bicep Curls- you can swap weights for 10lbs each and do 15 reps. Keeping your arms along side your body with your arms facing out. Bend your elbow bringing your the weights in to your shoulders and straight out again.
Tricep Curls- do the exact same as above but have your arms as far back behind you as you can. Swap the 10lb weights for 5lb weights

Standing one leg squats.
– sit on bench holding 15lbs weights in each hand. Stand up straight only using one leg with your knee raised off ground at a 90 degree angle.
Slowly sit back down again not using your raised leg for assistance. 15 reps. Do it slowly and steady and you will feel it BURN

– hold 15lb weight in each hand. Stride out and lunge towards the ground, getting so low you almost touch your front knee to the ground. Stand up straight again pulling one knee up off the ground into your chest. Leave your arms straight down holding the weights. Take 15 lunges forward

Day 4.

Hike for one hour. Listen to your breath, it it seems pretty easy, try jogging intervals. Push yourself and make sure you keep spiking our heart rate at different point on the hike. It will BLAST calories and really help your cardiovascular system. Plus being in nature is so recharging.

Day 5


Try whatever level you like but I do like to be challenged and typically pick a hot yoga class, power yoga or Ashtanga flow to really push myself.

Day 6

Repeat your day 3 at the gym, switching up your exercises to keep your body challenged.

Day 7

Please please do this as if you don’t let your body recover from working out you will start to ‘detrain’. You can get stressed and you body will produce Cortisol which has the opposite effect if what you’re setting out to achieve! Cortisol causes the body all sorts of problems and it’s the last thing you need. So relax and feel good about what you’re giving yourself and your body.

The most important thing is to have FUN with your workouts, switch them up, add a dance class or a tennis game in there, do more yoga, more Pilates and ALWAYS stretch when you’re finished.

Love Tez x