Teresa’s 31 week Pregnancy Workout

Teresas's 31 week pregnancy workout

Teresa’s and the awesome Jeff from LA Mindset are back this week with another pregnancy workout…she’s up to 31 weeks and really drawing near the end of her pregnancy..and we’re so excited to meet baby in the belly! Honestly, even though this is a ‘pregnancy’ workout, it’s not just for preggo mamas to be…it’s such an awesome workout for anyone that you can do at home!! Jeff takes you through the steps to work your muscles and really get some great cardio and strength training in and we assure you, if you do this at home along with Teresa and keep at it throughout the week, you will notice a difference in no time. The best part? You don’t need expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment which is why Teresa loves being able to share these workouts with our YZL community too!

And, as usual…Bodhi steals the show with his cuteness!!!

Once you’ve watched this weeks workout vlog, head on over to our sister site; Your Zen Mama here to read Teresa’s accompanying blog post where she talks all about her week; her, Mark and Bodhi went on a beautiful baby moon and share some amazing photos from their trip. She also shares how she’s been feeling this week, her weight gain and diet choices.