Teresa’s 29 week pregnancy workout!

Teresa's 29 Week Pregnancy Workout

Hi guys! Teresa is back at it again this week with Jeff from LA Mindset as he puts her (& her 29 week bump!) through her paces with this amazing workout. Don’t be fooled, this is one mighty workout and not just for the pregnant ladies amongst us, which is why we wanted to share it with our YZL community! It not only gets your heart rate up, but works specific muscle areas that Jeff explains throughout the routine. We especially love that, as you can see from the vid, these exercises don’t require fancy equipment (Jeff totally improvises with a casserole dish!), an expensive gym membership or a lot of space…they can be done from home or if you want to get outdoors in your garden or a nearby park. There are no excuses to keeping fit and healthy and this furthers that school of thought!


Watch below:

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