Taking The Leap: How I Handled A Sudden Change In Course

I love fashion. The colors, the fabrics, the art of it all, it’s epic. For almost five years now, I have worked vigorously to be able to be a part of that world as a fashion journalist. I started early, right before my freshman year of college, practicing my writing and style skills with a blog I created. After a couple of years, way too many late nights, and hundreds of emails, it began to turn into something of amazement. I was garnering readers, making fellow blogger friends, networking with publicists, collaborating with brands, and interviewing fashion up-comers. It gave me opportunities to accomplish dreams I never thought possible, such as attending fashion week in New York and other events. However, I recently hit a detour, around last winter to be exact. 

Last December, during the late hours of the night, I hit a wall. Don’t worry it wasn’t an actual wall, but one in the emotional sense. I didn’t want to make my whole life about fashion anymore, nor did I know what I wanted to do instead. By the way, it came at a pretty inconvenient time because I was a junior in College. By then, we are expected to know how our lives will map out and for the longest time that was me. Now, during the time where it counted most, my mind decided to switch up the game a bit. At that moment, I was frustrated and what felt like irrevocably confused. I lost interest in things that I used to look forward to like blogging.  Not knowing what I wanted to do anymore was terrifying.  The girl who plans everything, is prepared for every outcome, and has worked on accomplishing her dream since she was seventeen was suddenly fading. I was in unfamiliar waters and unlike most times, I had no idea what to do about it.

After about four months of sitting in mental limbo, I began to gain a bit of myself back. I was inspired to take my life in a new direction and felt motivated to do so. Of course, like most big changes in life, they can be just as scary as they are exciting. Finally, I realized, I want to travel.

Don’t get me wrong. I have been blessed enough to travel since I was an infant. My parents walked around the cobblestones of Portugal and Spain with me on their backs only six months after being born.  What I love about traveling is absorbing the culture of other places. You could say this is a thirst that never leaves me. 

Thirst in place and curiosity for the new in hand, I have chosen to not only take time to go abroad, but I have also decided to work while I am trekking the world. Working in other countries and doing something that will influence others positively is something I have always been passionate about. Heck, I still plan to one day visit Borneo and help with Orang-utan conservation. For now though, I am going to get my certification so that I may teach English around the world. It’s the first step in the new chapter of my life.  Next autumn, I will be moving to Prague, a place I have never been, to participate in a four week course that will give me my certification. Will I have to save money like a squirrel saving nuts for the winter? Yes, big time. However, I have decided I will not let money, student loans, or any other material things keep me from going on this expedition. After all, I can’t let anything get in the way of the first positively self-empowering decision I have made in a while. 
This is for me and for once, I’m not making a choice that is based on others or what they may think. I am doing it sole because I know this is what I need at this moment in my life. I want to teach English and inspire my students to feel like they too can do what will make them happy and feel whole. So if you feel stagnant in what you are doing, don’t let the fear of exploring new territory keep you from experiencing something that may lead you to utter enjoyment. 

A part of me will always love fashion, but for now I’m going on a new adventure. I can’t tell you every detail of my trip so far because I haven’t figured it all out yet. All I do know, is I want to travel and inspire others and for the first time in a long time, I’m okay with just going along for the ride. 

Katie is a lover of all things travel, fashion, food, and Chris Pine. When she isn’t busy writing, she enjoys hobbies such as photography. She lives life filled with spontaneous adventures and her pet bunny, Finn Chandler Bing. Mindy Kaling is her spirit animal. Coffee is her food group.
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