Synchronicity And Meaningful Coincidences

Have you ever had an experience where something occurred out of the ordinary? Perhaps you were thinking about someone you hadn’t spoken with in several years, and then all of a sudden you received a phone call from that person. Or maybe you had been following a path in relation to your career and you reached a roadblock. Not knowing how to make it through the hurdle, all of a sudden the answer was delivered to you, plain in sight, right into your lap. Did you ever think about why that long lost acquaintance contacted you? Or why the answer you so desperately needed appeared at the right place and right time? What if there was a Divine plan working behind the realities of life, helping us on our way to fulfilling our purpose?


Some call it coincidence, luck, or even fate. However, it is so much more then a random occurrence which is void of any deeper meaning.


Synchronicity is woven into the very fabric of our existence. It’s what Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, described as the “magical effect” archetype; a trait universal to all human beings, that is innate and intertwined into the collective unconscious. It is something so magical that neither myself nor any other person could put into words the beauty of its’ simplicity and Divine construction. And it’s happening in your life, right now, whether you are conscious of it or not.


Jung described synchronicity as “the underlying cosmic intelligence that synchronises people, places and events into a meaningful order”. These meaningful ‘coincidences’ appear to be more then just mere chance, and connect together seemingly unrelated moments in time, in a highly orchestrated manner.  This flow of universal energy can be responsible for a scientists’ breakthrough (Newton and the apple that fell to earth), an entrepreneur’s inspiration (Ingvar Kampard, the founder of Ikea, couldn’t fit a table into his car, so he took the legs off) or a leader’s rise to power (Abraham Lincoln once bought a seemingly worthless old barrel and when he opened it, discovered a full set of law books which he used to study to become a lawyer, which lead on to his career in American politics).


The remarkable thing about synchronicity is that it seems to appear when it is needed most. How many stories have you heard where it’s only in the 11th hour when a desperate prayer is answered? Just like the saying, “it’s always darkest before dawn”; it’s as if we need to hit rock bottom in order to receive that moment where everything lines up and the solution is clearly received. The difference, however, is between those people who view that dark moment as ‘the end’, and those who recognise it as just another step on the path of life. By refusing those thoughts of defeat, choosing instead to stay open to an opportunity or moment of clarity and genius, synchronicity can work for you.


So, how might you become consciously aware of the synchronistic events in your life?

  • Become aware that the events that happen to you happen in relation to your life purpose; there is meaning behind every event you experience. The Universe/Divine/God wants you to succeed!
  • You may wish to reflect upon moments in your past where a seemingly random event has delivered a golden opportunity for you. This will not only manifest feelings of gratitude and awareness, but will allow you to see and believe that it really does work.
  • Look for the deeper meaning behind each event in your life. Even the most mundane experience may have a valuable piece of wisdom to share.
  • Consciously anticipate synchronistic moments in your day-to-day life. It is in this state of alertness where your vibrational frequency will attract to you what you most greatly desire. However, whilst maintaining an energy of anticipation, you must stay open to the possibilities of what might occur, without attachment to any specific outcome. In the Dalai Lama’s words, “I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let my expectations hinder my path”.
  • Use your intuition. The next time you meet someone new, ask yourself why you met this person at this particular moment in time, and then tune in to any intuitive hunches, physical emotions, or random thoughts that may pop into your mind.


As more and more of us start to tune in to the meaningful coincidences in our lives, we add to the evolution of the human race and the collective unconscious. As James Redfield, the author of the Celestine Prophecy, wrote, following coincidences “can mysteriously open up new opportunities through which we transcend outdated self-limiting ideas, and experience the direct evidence that life is much more than materialistic survival or mere intellectual reliance on faith”.  It can bring us closer to our spiritual selves, our authentic selves, our true selves.




Haley: Adelaide born, living in Auckland. Mother, vego, gardener, animal lover and natural birther. She has a background is psychology, counselling, life coaching, hypnotherapy, reiki and past life regression, and is currently studying to be a doula.