Surviving Winter


By Dalal Rahme

Winter is the time where many let themselves go and stop exercising
and eating unhealthy foods, as the days get shorter and colder. We
all should commit and take special care to make sure we don’t let
ourselves fall into the trap of unhealthy habits and laziness. Here are
my following suggestions to survive winter.

1. Invest in some good exercise DVD’s, which are fantastic for at
home workouts when the weather outside is not looking so
good. The Tracy Anderson Method is my preferred choice, as
you don’t get bored of doing the same workouts due to her

exercises changing every 10 days.

2. I find a gym membership is helpful in getting you out of the
house and tries to force you in making a commitment to

yourself and motivates you to actually workout.

3. Collect some healthy winter recipes. Find some new recipes
and try cooking food that you never cooked and consumed
before. I find this is what makes cooking fun.
4. Take responsibility and control for what you put into your


5. Make sure to consume a good dose of fruits and vegetables to
get your vitamin, mineral and antioxidant hit. This will help to
prevent you from getting the cold. At this time of year I like to
go for oranges, pink lady apples, pears and especially kiwi-
fruit, since it has a high vitamin c and fiber content (even more

so if you eat the skin).

6. For keen runners or walkers, invest in a good jacket for winter
to go running or walking in.
7. Drink any type of tea; green, peppermint, black, ginger etc. you
name it. Tea contains antioxidants and no calories, will keep
you warm and provide you with time to yourself to relax and

8. To give your immune system a boost, add lots of garlic and
onion to your meals or consume them on their own. When
I roast vegetables, I like to add lots of rosemary, garlic, and
onion, which gives the vegetables beautiful flavor and aroma,
and I am always the only one consuming the garlic and onions
as they are my favorite and they taste great when roasted.

I hope my suggestions will help to keep you happy and well
throughout winter.

21 year old aspiring dietician living in Melbourne, Australia studying Bachelor Food Science and Nutrition at Deakin University. I enjoy cooking and baking, and have a passion for anything related to health and wellbeing. I am a gym junkie, at the gym at least 5 times a week doing cardio and weight training.