How to Stay Zen With a Busy Schedule

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Whether you are single or in a relationship, a parent or not, balancing your work life with your personal life can be a very frustrating and stressful time in your life. You wouldn’t believe how many people like yourself try to find answers to this problem. There are 2,400 monthly searches on Google seeking guidance on this topic, so I have set out to give you the answers.

Zen life is a way of being. Incorporating a state of total focus and togetherness of body and mind. I will be discussing ways to achieve this and to feel confident in your ability to have control of how you go about things.
There are many factors contributing to a busy schedule that can affect your day-to-day life. For you parents out there, you understand the urgency to make sure your child has everything they need, whether that’s their lunch or school supplies. But rushing to do these tasks is what puts that pressure on you in the first place.

Being organised is the best advice anyone can give. Although it’s somewhat cliché, you may be thinking it’s easier said than done.

Organising the night before

As I was mentioning before, being organised is the key to keeping your zen with such a busy schedule like yours. Organising specific tasks, the night before will reduce the stress you have in the morning, therefore leading to a more relaxed and quiet atmosphere before setting out to work. Having that little bit of free time in the morning to grab yourself a cup of coffee or read a book can boost both your mental and physical strength to deal with work throughout the day.

planning your work

Plan your work

Work will always change, update and vary no matter what your job is. So planning what tasks you take on at work will keep you more focused and less confused. Whatever you do, do not start a project and begin a new one when you haven’t completed the first. This will just cripple all the plans you made and even run into your personal life. To be ahead of work, you need to understand your employers’ policies and work schedule so that way you understand the projects you are taking on. After all you don’t want to miss your child’s football match, swimming competition etc. Sometimes saying no to people who ask you to do additional things on top of all the hard work you have to deal with already is the right path to take. Just be respectful when you decline work. There will be times when issues within your family need to be dealt with. Just explain your situation and your employer should understand.

Conquer the guilt

As I have said before there will be times when you miss an important event your child is participating in. It’s going to happen sooner or later, but the most important thing is not to bring yourself down because of it. Fight that guilt, because at the end of the day your child will understand that you weren’t there because you are doing everything you can for them. That includes putting a roof over their heads, putting dinner on the table and on some occasions rewarding them with luxuries. Just don’t make promises you cannot keep and that guilt will soon fade away.

Question yourself

Questioning ourselves can actually clear our minds and focus more. Ask yourself, are you happy with your job? Do you enjoy life at the moment? Is there anything I can do to improve my situation? If you are happy with your current situation, great. Keep doing what you are doing because you are doing a fantastic job. If not, remind yourself you need to do everything you can to improve the way you live your life. If you are having troubles, look for some help either from your partner or friends. After all, depending on someone to get you through a sticky situation is not a bad thing at all. Having a life coach for example can really help identify your problems and solve them whilst helping you attain your life goals. Life coaches are really good at consulting, therapy and mentoring so don’t be afraid to ask for advice. These people will always be there for you.

question yourself

Clearing your schedule

Take the opportunity to clear the less important commitments in your schedule. Things that are not compulsory or set for a specific time or date. That way, you can have some ‘me’ time where you can focus on things like meditating. Keep in mind meditating is not for everyone but just 30 minutes of it every other day can really help you relax and get into your zen moment. If you are not into meditation as much then use technology to your advantage. Going online, you will find hundreds if not thousands of free videos teaching you all about Yoga. Your best bet is to go on YouTube and visit a channel known as ‘Yoga With Adriene’. She has nearly 2 million subscribers and over 100 million views. On the other hand, you can always go outside and take a stroll. Walk through a park and just breathe in the fresh air. This will create a really calming atmosphere. Relieving your stress by doing these things can be the best thing for you to carry on with your day or week. If you are interested in taking up yoga or meditation or already get involved, we at Your Zen Life have many products to suit your needs from Yoga pants to exercise balls and dumbbell sets.

Treat yourself

Treating yourself from time to time whether that’s going on a shopping spree or just having a nice night out with friends at your favourite restaurant will take your mind off work and give you that break you very much deserve. For most parents, treating yourselves will mean treating your children. There’s nothing better than going on a day out with your family and enjoying every moment you have with them.

Finally, to summarise, organise all your tasks the night before, plan your work beforehand so there is no confusion, conquer the guilt when you make mistakes, question yourself from time to time to see if you are heading in the right direction, clear your schedule to free up time for yourself and lastly treat yourself by going out with friends and have fun.

If you need extra help, get involved with our lovely community here at Your Zen Life, as well as Tez Talks Q&A where Teresa Palmer answers your questions. Just remember when the going gets tough, the tough get going.