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Acne is a big deal. It can be the cause of so much angst and distress, and anyone that has experienced it to any degree knows the frustration and lack of self esteem and confidence associated with it. It’s not just isolated to prepubescent teenagers either and can often rear it’s ugly head at times when we least expect it. There are so many factors that can impact acne and it can flare up when there is an imbalance. Whilst it is of course important to treat the spots themselves, it can be extremely helpful to look at your wellbeing overall, on a whole and come at it from all ends.

A holistic approach to treating acne naturally is essentially two fold: healing from within and using gentle, non-toxic, plant derived products topically. Below, we look at all the factors that can play a part in acne as well as sharing our favorite botanical (& holistic) acne fighting beauty products.

Diet can play a significant part in acne treatment and prevention, there may be something you’re eating (or not eating) that is causing acne, it is important to keep a food journal and see if certain foods cause a spike. Whilst keeping this journal, try and eliminate foods and re-introduce to see if you can notice a pattern – but, we should note that you must give it adequate time and not just eliminate for a day or two. Remember to eat the rainbow, make sure there is so much color on your plate, including lots of leafy greens. It’s important to ensure you are eating healthy fats. A diet rich in vegetables promotes balance and allows your body to flush out toxins, prevent free radicals and detoxify naturally. Fermented foods are also great for gut health and digestion which is correlated with skin health.

Move your body, work up a sweat and flush those toxins out! Sweating allows your pores to breathe. Exercise also increases blood flow, which carries oxygens and nutrients to the skin ensuring they are nourished. Exercise also reduces inflammation, regulates hormones, aids in detoxification, reduces stress and produce endorphins (the ‘happy’ hormones)

Believe it or not, mindfulness can have an incredibly positive affect on healing acne. When you come at it from a holistic approach, it is all about balance. Therefore, with that in mine it makes sense that if you can calm your mind and engage in mindfulness exercises that restore balance and energy within your body, it has a positive affect on acne flare ups.

It is called beauty sleep for a reason and we cannot express enough how crucial sleep is to acne! So many people attest to the correlation between lack of sleeps and acne flare ups and for good reason to! Your body needs sleep to rejuvenate cells, balance hormones and restore energy. It’s important to try and get 8 hours of sleep consistently. It’s also important to note that whilst you need a solid amount of sleep consistently, you have to ensure it is restful, deep and uninterrupted sleep; to ensure you’re preparing your body for adequate rest, begin to relax a few hours before bedtime, avoid stressful work, eating, intense light and have a mindful ritual before bed.

Cortisol; the stress hormone can wreak havoc when it comes to acne, as can wavering hormones throughout different periods of your life. Whilst hormones can be a little more difficult to manage, there are certain things, such as relaxation and getting adequate sleep (see below) that can help keep hormones in check.

Water literally is life! Our bodies are made up of around 60% water, so, it makes sense that we need to ensure we are drinking enough H2O. Skin thrives when it is hydrated and without water your skin isn’t able to function at it’s optimum level, resulting in a dry, dull, lack-lustre appearance – this is your skin crying out for a drink! It’s important to moisturize your skin from the inside and out. Drinking water also enables nutrients and oxygen to be carried to your skin, resulting in that healthy ‘glow’ and skin cells getting all that they need to thrive.

When it comes to acne and skincare, there are so many harsh, toxic, chemically driven treatments that do more harm than good. There are amazing botanical ingredients such as tallow, jojoba and lavender that are nourishing to the skin whilst being powerhouses in the acne fighting game. Best of all, they aren’t stripping your skin of good bacteria, flowing directly into your blood stream or playing havoc with your hormones. We love Primally Pure’s entire range, but the three products below are game changers when it comes to a holistic approach to acne.

Cleansing Oil 

There is a myth surrounding acne and oil and for some reason in an almost Chinese-whisper fashion, the general consensus is that anyone suffering from acne should steer clear of oil based products thus promoting the use of harsh cleansers that strip the skin of all goodness. However, this is actually quite to the contrary. Whilst everyones skin is different and it always comes down to an individual case by case basis, oil can actually be really beneficial in the treatment of acne as is has the ability to penetrate deep into the pores to break down grime and bacteria whilst at the same time being really gentle and nourishing on the skin and allowing the skin to keep its natural moisture barrier intact. So, with all that in mind, we are loving on the Primally Pure Face Cleansing Oil. With a beautiful combination of botanical ingredients, this gentle yet powerful cleanser features:

Jojoba – non-comedegenic, meaning it doesn’t clog pores, it is antibacterial and particularly effective against the bacteria which ignites acnes, it’s makeup of this oil is extremely close to that of sebum (oil secreted by your skins sebaceous glands – which when you have the right amount, protects the skin) which intelligently helps the skin to activate and balance itself. And, is helpful in healing acne scars.

Tanamu – said to be incredibly forceful botanical in naturally treating acne, this wonder oil is antibacterial, it aids in cell repair, reproduction and turnover, incredibly hydrating it attacks acne from every angle. In addition to this, it is anti-inflammatory and so hydrating. Tanamu oil is incredibly healing and a powerhouse in skincare formulated for acne.

Peppermint essential oil – known to be cooling and calming on the skin, this oil boasts the benefits of that many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it is a treat for your skin. It prevents the growth of bacteria and reduces oil production which in turn aids the clogging of pores, Extremely nourishing, menthol cools and invigorates the skin, leaving you feeling soothed and refreshed.

Fancy Face Serum

A rich combination of antioxidants and vitamins resulting in a potent blend and a powerhouse for skin health. This botanical serum is so beneficial for general skin health but particularly useful in keeping breakouts and acne at bay. This product contains so many amazing plant based ingredients, we’ve chosen 3 and highlighted their benefits below.

Lavender – lavender is powerful in treating and preventing acne as it is both antimicrobial and really high in antioxidants. Because of this it has the ability to prevent acne bacteria from multiplying whilst providing skin with nourishing antioxidants to promote skin cell turnover and growth – and overall skin health. It heals dry skin and is also useful in the reduction of scars. It encourages blood flow resulting in added nutrients being brought to the surface. Lavender is as calming for the skin as it is for the mind.

Argan oil – incredibly rich in vitamin E (which is great for fading scars), non comedogenic so it allows your pores to breathe, and really high in linolec acid – a fast absorbing fatty acid which heals from beneath the surface and encourages healthy cell turnover. Argan oil is also anti-ageing and hydrating.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil – high in carotene and vitamin A (which is a powerhouse in skincare because it repairs damaged skin and fights free radicals) its main function is rejuvenating skin; great in brightening, tightening and toning skin as well as adding elasticity.

Beauty Cream

Thick, heavy moisturisers can be a big no no when it comes to acne, simply because they end up doing more harm than good by clogging the pores and encouraging a build up which results in more breakouts. Ideally, when suffering from acne you want something light, absorbent and rich in nutrient dense ingredients.

Tallow – just like our bodies, our skin needs a dose of good fats. This ingredient is derived from rendered animal fat and is incredibly high in Vitamins A, D E, K – all absolute powerhouses in skin health. Its structure mimics the makeup of our skin cell structure making it particularly compatible and effective in skin care.

Palmarosa – this ingredient is seriously on top of the plant derived game. It has so many benefits for skin, body and mind which makes it a truly holistic powerhouse. This essential oil is a known remedy to help with acne, some of the main reasons it is beneficial to acne are because it reduces inflammation, is naturally antiseptic and also has properties that make it great for healing acne scars. This oil is soothing, calming and balancing and also does wonders to ease away stress and balance hormones.

Emu Oil – anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, slows bacterial reproduction and is deeply nourishing without being greasy, which is definitely what you want when treating acne – grease is not a friend.

Unfortunately with acne there is no black and white text book answer, it involves trial and error and depends on the individual. However, attacking it from a holistic approach can only help in the long run. Wherever possible, natural is best and better yet, when a company develops products because their founder has experienced acne first hand…you know that you’re onto something good. This is where Primally Pure comes in, their founder, Bethany was suffering from acne and breakouts and knew that there had to be a better way than covering her face in products containing harsh and toxic chemicals. She formulated products using real, organic ingredients based on the concept that if you could heal your body from the inside with nature, you could do the same on the outside. We encourage you to make the shift and take a holistic approach when it comes to acne: overhaul your lifestyle, nutrition and beauty cabinet, make sure you’re nourishing your body from the inside, engaging in mindfulness and make the switch to natural products and see the difference it makes.

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