Skin-Care and Candida


By Rosie Fae

Recently I have been finding out a lot more about natural ways of living and adjusting my lifestyle to assist in the repairing and restoring of my body and health. In doing this I have gained a more complex understanding surrounding what we put in our bodies, the things we expose ourselves to on a daily basis and the huge impact on our health and well being they can have. So I thought I would write a bit about prevention, natural alternatives and healthier ways we can tackle specific health issues that will benefit our bodies.

In a medical sense, the key to solving a health problem almost always lies in external treatments, creams, procedures and chemically enhanced man-made medications. When we stop and consider the outcomes these treatments have we can only be amazed at the power they hold to completely make something a trouble no more. But we need to look deeper- the more we rely on and resort to these sort of quick fixes the more damage we are actually causing our bodies to endure. By all means use medications and always listen to your doctor If you have serious health issues, but in my case the healthy route was definitely the smartest way to go.

Here’s why:

I had been battling with a strange and long enduring case of acne and breakouts since the beginning of 2012, and after spending copious amounts of money on fancy creams and trying all sorts of weird and wacky techniques my self esteem really began to diminish and I became desperate after feeling like I had tried EVERYTHING!

My family and friends became so sick of my constant complaints and what seemed like conversation that almost always revolved around skin-care, pimples or my health. They didn’t understand why I didn’t just go to a doctor and get a prescription for some skin antibiotics or a course of contraceptive pills… This would have solved my problem and promised me beautiful skin in no time, but I was determined to fix my skin the organic and natural way, and I guess that meant putting up with bad skin for who knows how much longer. I am grateful now that I was willing to stick it out and do that because if I hadn’t I would not be where I am today…

Throughout the year I became very passionate about health and wellness and learning to treat my body with respect, and also learnt the importance of searching for and assessing the root cause of my health issues in an alternative way. Now my skin is clearing and healthy (I still have the occasional breakout and a lot of red scars that are still fading but its only getting better from here) and I live a lifestyle of knowledge and awareness of the benefits of organic skincare, the dangers of  false medication and the healing power of herbs, nutritious food and regular exercise for stress, hormonal regulations and happy mind.

A few weeks ago I discovered what was truly causing all these imbalances in my body (along with my age/hormonal changes.) It was something called candida! A yeast and sugar overgrowth that sounds gross because is often associated with thrush and other embarrassing issues, but it is actually more or less the baddie in all of our health battles! When we are abusing our bodies and filling them with excessive amounts of processed foods, sugar, alcohol and under a lot of stress, our ‘gut flora’ is diminished and becomes overrun by an imbalance of bad bacteria  that feed off these things (Candida). This causes all sorts of trouble including mood swings, anxiety, acne, the list goes on. The thing is, our gut needs to be healthy in order for the rest of our body to be also! It is also important in terms of our moods and outlook on life- 90% of our bodies serotonin, which is the happiness chemical in our bodies, is produced in the gut..So how can we expect to be happy and feel alive when our gut is under attack? We can’t! To get rid of the candida I have been on a non-sugar diet for the past 3 weeks, and also trying to eat only clean, fresh and nutrient rich foods that have not been processed, and do not contain any preservatives and additives. A probiotic supplement along with a natural candida treatment from ‘radiance’ called CandAid have been a big help also, and I am really noticing an amazing difference in my skin.

Anyway- I am forever grateful that I found this out after what seemed like a lifetime of not knowing what was going wrong with my body and causing my skin to be so horrible. Because if I had treated my acne with antibiotics and pills/medicines I would never have understood the dangers of candida and all the while been wrecking it even more by taking those treatments!

So, the best way to get healthy and solve your problems will almost always be found by looking on the inside and can be treated with natural ingredients that need no artificial formation or processing. All we need to do is look after ourselves and our insides by cutting back on the things that are bad (like processed sugars), and embracing the things that are good (green veggies, water, probiotics, stress relieving activities). Once we learn to take care of the inside we will not only glow on the outside but have the energy to live a more fulfilling life!  

Rosie is a proud Kiwi, currently studying a bachelor of Visual Communication Design, an avid junkie for all things health and wellness related, Organic/alternative skincare lover, Jesus follower, who believes that by nurturing your gifts and passions and taking all challenges as lessons, the greatest successes will become you fortune.