Self Love Is The Ultimate Revolutionary Act – A Manifesto For True Self Love

self love

You live in a world that has a vested interest in you feeling like you are lacking.

Our consumerism based marketplace plays on you feeling like you are inadequate, small, wrong, bad, not enough, evil, shameful, not who or what you should be.

You are fed messages all day long that enforce this idea that you are flawed, that you must reject yourself, that you must be on a quest to fix yourself, that you must be seeking outside of yourself to make up for what is not right within you.

This continual drumbeat of your fundamentally flawed nature is what keeps the economic, education, governmental, medical and entertainment systems running the way they do. The world as we know it depends upon you feeling less than.

Sounds pretty bleak, I know.

But there is good news here.

The good news is, ultimately the true power lies in YOUR hands.

You see, without your self doubt, much of what we see operating in the world today would cease to exist.

Whatever systems that are at play right now that are capitalizing on your lack of self love, only have the power that you give them.

The manipulation can only continue so long as you decide to agree that there is something wrong with you that must be fixed.

You see, the moment you decide that you are going to go in, get curious about yourself, make space for all that you are – all that you think, feel, have experienced, want, don’t want and so on – you are committing an act of cultural rebellion.

You are standing up for the you that has always existed in its light.

The moment you stop looking out for the ‘fix’ for what is lacking in you, and instead go within with the intention of getting to know yourself truly, with the intention of integrating your wounded and shadowed parts that feel so lacking, is the moment you change the world.

With this act, you are taking the power back that was never really gone from you. You begin to live a life that aligns with the truth of who you are – God in your specific costume. And in so doing, you create the space for others to do the same.

In this, you can do your shadow work – meaning you start to look at all those aspects within you that you believe are broken, as simply wounded parts of your being. You can start to move in the direction of realizing that EVERYTHING about you is light, and all that has occurred is your light has been rejected in areas, and now is expressing as shadow.

That there was never anything ‘wrong’ with you – you were just believing that you could be and have been cut off from love, and that you needed to seek that love from outside yourself.

When you choose to go in and love those shadowy, fearful, hateful, anxious, depressed, addicted, self sabotaging parts, you are standing up for a world where love can reign.

Realize that this journey of feeling less than was ultimately a gift, because it brought you to this place of true self exploration. Where you could fully become aware of who you are. That without the rejection, the integration may not have happened. So it was no mistake, but it does not need to continue.

So be a rebel.
Stop looking outside for a fix, and start getting curious about who and what you really are.

Stop allowing yourself to believe you are broken, and start to accept the idea that you are whole – just wounded. And that all you need is your own love to integrate those wounds.

You are a rebel in the making.

Rise up.

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Ali Washington is a Spiritual Guide, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher who is here to support light workers in finding their truth and living from that place.

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