Self Love 101 (Part 2): Taking It Deeper

Welcome Back Beauty.

In the last article, we explored together the disconnect between what most people consider to be ‘self love,’ and what actually lands in your SOUL as self love.

Now you understand that what most people consider to be ‘self love’ is actually either a thinly veiled attempt at self improvement, or a way of giving ourselves permission to engage in activities we KNOW don’t really serve us.

True self love is not an act of self improvement, nor will it cause you to have to suffer consequences of your actions at a later date. True self love is all about learning to accept, embrace and get to know the being that you ARE. Right here, right now.

Self love is the journey towards the understanding that you are already whole and complete, that you are taking a journey, but that this journey does not mean that there is something wrong with you.

This week, you are ready to take the tools you learned last week deeper.

Showing Up For Yourself With Compassion:
After reading the last article, you started (I hope) to practice checking in with yourself on a regular basis to see where you are at. You may have noticed that you had a hard time coming up with the ‘what you wanted’ part of the equation. Perhaps clearly identifying what you were feeling was a challenge. This is TOTALLY normal. We have been trained to be disconnected from ourselves. This week, I invite you to take this practice to paper. Rather than mentally checking in, set a timer on your phone for every 4-5 hours. When the alarm goes off, take out your journal and write out any emotional/mental/physical sensation you can identify within your being. Doing this on a regular basis is the KEY to becoming truly self aware.

Be Honest With What You Are Feeling:
Now that you have been exploring making room for your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you are ready to add compassion to the mix. Perhaps you noticed how easy and natural it is for you to make yourself WRONG for how you feel and what you think. This week, in showing up for yourself deeper, I invite you to bring COMPASSION to these resistant, angry, self sabotaging areas of yourself. Rather than trying to fix them, get rid of them, heal them or run from them – be with them with softness. See if you can open your heart – even just a little – to these parts of self that are hurting. What happens when you relax the need to fix you?

Bring Curiosity To What You Are Doing:
As you practice being more present with your chosen activities, begin bringing a deeper sense of curiosity into WHY you are doing what you are doing. As you bring awareness to yourself  in your behaviours (especially the ones you think are ‘wrong’ and ‘bad’) ask yourself “What need am I getting met here?” “How is the behaviour serving me?” “Could there be a positive intention here?” Begin making room for the idea that you never ACTUALLY do anything with the intention to hurt yourself, but rather are doing your best to meet the needs you feel you are not allowed to have/don’t know how to meet any other way.

Next time we are going to tackle the truth behind your self sabotaging behaviours. For now, take these tools and apply them. See what comes up.

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Ali Washington is a Spiritual Guide, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher who is here to support light workers in finding their truth and living from that place.

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