Secret to a Better, Healthy, Fit Body

A few months ago I heard from a friend of mine about this amazing, but insane workout that focuses on extreme athletic workout.

It’s called “Insanity”, maybe you’ve heard of it and maybe even tried it. I tried it and it didn’t go exactly as planned; the workout is fully cardio and consists in a 40 minute workout once a day for two months.

It’s an interesting workout not only because it pushes you do your best (mentally and physically speaking), but it’s also very tiring. It’s one the hardest but most effective forms of workout I’ve ever done, of course after the first week I gave up, but something really funny happened just a week after I quit. I was actually listening to an interview from the author Pam Grout where she talked about the many “secrets” of working out that have been kept by so many people. This secret totally relates to the Insanity workout.

The insanity workout focuses on 3-5 minutes of intense exercises and 30 seconds of relaxation; this was scientifically proven to give much more and better results because the strategy that the work out follows is to make your heart race at such speed that you’ll instantly start burning calories to then get to the relaxation part where your heart race will have a chance to slow down, relax and then start all over again, of course you need to warm up first like with any other exercise. Even after you’ve finished exercising, your body will keep burning calories because of the intensity of the workout.

The exercises featured in the insanity workout make you use your entire body, from crunches to push ups, really quick runs, big jumps, obliques, etc., its kind of a combination of Pilates, Yoga, Crossfit, Box, etc., it’s a complete and full workout.

When Pam Grout shared this strategy of workout—not the Insanity program–, it really got my attention because it’s something that truly works, and inspite of everything you have ever been told about having to work out at the gym for hours and hours to get results is a lie. A healthy work out must always be safe for your physical integrity and your kind of physical condition and you should never over work yourself.

For a while now I’ve been doing many of these exercise 4 times a week, 40 minutes a day and I gotta say, it has been amazing to experiment with many different workouts, that’s of course because I also do yoga on a daily basis.

If you ever plan to experiment with this kind of working out I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Viviana Pacheco: 18 year old avid vegan and yogi, animal lover, chocolate lover, embracing a

healthy lifestyle, looking forward to enjoy every single moment in life and making an impression in other lives as well, currently living in Mexico City.