Interview: Robyn Berkley / Live The Process

We’re so excited today to share with you our interview with the beautiful Robyn Berkley. Robyn made a name for herself with a successful career in PR and worked at the forefront of the fashion and lifestyle industries before changing pace. In 2001, Robyn began to practice yoga and incorporate clean eating. However, that wasn’t enough and whilst her interest in the wellness realm was peaked, it wasn’t until a decade later, in 2011 that she realized she had given so many years working around the clock to meet the needs of her clients that she neglected to meet the needs of her well-being.
This was the wake-up call she needed, and as life so often has funny ways of panning out, the timing was just right. Robyn embarked on travel to Bali where she not only restored her physical and emotional health but became a certified yoga instructor. She returned to NYC refreshed and with an overwhelming desire to continue to explore the wellness world. This led Robyn to create and launch Live The Process; a guide to wellness and holistic health from a curated group of experts in Beauty, Fitness, Meditation, Nutrition and Energy Therapies. It is an amazing wellness portal and lifestyle brand with some truly gorgeous and practical activewear that is made up of great minimal-luxe pieces in beautiful hues and fabrics and designs that are not only flattering, but comfortable and move with you. We are obsessed!
Now that you know the crux of Robyn’s story, we’ll switch it over to our chat where you can be inspired by Robyn’s take on all things health and wellness. It was an absolute pleasure to sit down and chat with this wonderful spirit. And once you’ve finished reading be sure to scroll down and follow the link to Robyn’s website and check out her beautiful lifestyle range.


What does health and wellness mean to you?
It is a way of life. A choice you make on how you want to live.

Was there a lightbulb moment that transitioned you toward a more holistic lifestyle or was it gradually over time?
My transition was based more on health and how I felt. I had stomach issues for a large portion of my life and I was always given medication for my ailments. Nothing ever helped and I grew up in a home where my parents were very pro-western medicine. They didn’t have much knowledge on eastern medicine and alternative approaches to healing your body. When I was 28 I met someone in the most random way who helped change my life and rebuild my brain and approach to how I think of food and general wellness practices. Once I felt good there wasn’t any reason to turn back except continue on my path to gaining as much knowledge as possible.

What are three things you do to balance your mind, body and spirit?
mind: meditation, writing, learning

body: yoga, pilates, hiking and various gym classes

spirit:love, friendship, self-care rituals, being in nature

In the busy mecca that is NYC, how do you find solitude?
My loft where I live is my solitude. It’s quite calm, soft and relaxed. My loft is located on the flower block so it already has great energy and nature around it.

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Tell us about your gorgeous activewear brand: Live The Process and the inspiration behind it?
Live The Process was a dream that I manifested almost 6 years ago, first with concept and then with the name for me was everything; the meaning of the brand was the concept of Vinyasa Flow Yoga….the process of linking breath and movement which is life…hence Live The Process. While manifesting LTP, the one piece of the puzzle that was missing was a business partner and I manifested him also! I met him randomly at a restaurant in soho and he has been working with me ever since his name is Jared Sharma. LTP only turned three years old in February, but I felt there was this missing place to active/lifestyle pieces, while educating the consumer in a beautiful mindful way. These missing pieces were ones you always wanted to wear that felt feminine and soft with a strong foundation. Really celebrating the female body in a modern way. I did ballet and gymnastics most of my life and that was the true inspiration, being able to wear leotards and bodysuits again that had a corseted feeling. Since launching we have evolved from a capsule of pieces included our most popular silhouette our high-waisted geometric legging, to a full lifestyle collection,our Fall collection which you will be able to experience in December through to July!

What is ‘Living The Process’ to you?
Living The Process for me is being able to have a strong connection to myself and always going back to that place that keeps me grounded and moving through my journey or path of life. It’s a constant evolution and so it is always changing.

What is your favorite relaxation technique that is easy for even the ‘beginner of beginners’ to practice daily?
I would say practicing breathing. Taking five minutes out of your day at some point and close your eyes with a focus on your breath. It will turn into a meditation that will become addicting. You don’t have to anything except breath. Its the number one thing I think people forget or don’t feel like doing.

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The best tip you could offer someone looking to incorporate yoga into their lifestyle?
start at the beginning as learning the postures is just as important as learning about the philosophy. Wherever you choose to delve in is the perfect place to begin. Trying to do something small everyday is the least overwhelming. Paying attention your breath for me was the best way to start and which forces me to continue daily as you need to breathe to live.

How often do you practice yoga?
I try to practice a form of yoga daily. It just depends on my schedule, but for complete classes probably three days a week.

Your favorite yoga position and why?
Triangle pose or trikonasana and I like the open feeling that it gives you will stretching your side body.

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Who inspires you?
I would say my mother first and all of the women that I have encountered who are looking to inspire others

What does a balanced life look like to you?
Balance is something we are always seeking and doing the best you can in the process.

Your favourite mantra?
Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu: May all being everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.


One piece of advice for anyone just starting out on their wellness journey?
Go at your own pace. The journey is your story and your ongoing evolution of where you choose to go and it’s not a competition, but something that will help cultivate who you consistently become. There is no finish line.

Instagram: @livetheprocess