Removing The Stress Out Of Christmas

christmas decorations

Christmas is the most magical time of the year and rightly so. Spending precious time with friends and family, opening up presents under the Christmas tree and eating large quantities of tasty food are some of life’s small pleasures all rolled into one of the best holidays in the western calendar. However, Christmas can be a very stressful and exhausting period of the year, so here are a few ways to overcome the stress that can surround Christmas.


Leaving important things to the last minute, puts an enormous amount of pressure on you, which can always lead to you making mistakes and getting very stressed. If there are gifts you need to buy and decorations to put up, don’t leave it last minute and instead get on with it as soon as possible. Buy a diary or daily planner if you haven’t gotten one already, note things down that need doing and sort it by highest priority first. If you’re looking to be the chef this Christmas and have to cook for a lot of people, planning what ingredients you need and when to get them is crucial. Leave plenty of time to shop for these items, do it weeks before Christmas if the ingredients aren’t perishable and days before for the more spoilable goods. Most shops if not all, close on Christmas Eve and some smaller retailers sometimes close a few days before, so getting what you need weeks before will give you the advantage to cook up a delicious meal for friends and family. Create back up plans if the shop you usually go to doesn’t have what you need. This is where online shopping can come into play.


Online Shopping

Shopping online can be either extremely easy or virtually impossible, pardon the pun. For example, buying clothes is a difficult one, because most brands vary in sizes and getting that perfect size can sometimes be a risk. However, buying novelty items or gifts that don’t require an exact size such as socks, gloves and hats can make you a considerable saving, especially if they are on sale. The best thing about online shopping is you can stay up to date with the latest deals that will save you a lot of money. Take Amazon for example, they have thousands upon thousands of gifts suitable for everyone this Christmas and you have the option to gift wrap them too for those of us who are not great at wrapping presents. If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can benefit the most with same day delivery and next day delivery on most products, early notifications of new deals and Prime Video. However, don’t feel like you have to buy a subscription service to be guaranteed your gifts come before Christmas. Amazon do a very god job with delivering your stuff on time. If there’s one thing online shopping helps with, its reducing the chaos of going into a physical shop and scouring the aisles for that perfect gift.

Ask for Help

Don’t think asking for a little bit of help makes you a failure. Sometimes being dependent on someone else can relieve some of the stress you get from trying to make Christmas perfect. Especially if you are cooking for a lot of friends and family, two pairs of hands are always better than one. Not only that but you can learn something new from a family member or friend whilst you decorate the house and cook together.

Get your Family Involved

Similarly, to asking for help, getting your close family involved with the preparations is not only helpful but fun at the same time. Writing cards with your children is actually a stress reliever and adds a more authentic touch to a family Christmas. Wrapping presents and hanging up the decorations should be enjoyable for your children to do too. Just make sure they don’t wrap up their own presents or that will ruin the surprise of course!

christmas cards

Take a Break

If you’ve planned everything to the second, then taking a break should be no problem. If not, taking a break anyway can help a lot to relieve stress and allows you to gather your thoughts. Just sit down for 10 minutes, read a book, watch some TV or even do a bit of yoga. As long as you are not rushing to prepare Christmas lunch or dinner just relaxing for a few minutes will really improve your stress levels.

Have a Great Time!

The most important way to removing the stress out of Christmas is to make sure you actually enjoy yourself. There really is no point in putting so much hard work into organising a beautiful Christmas if you’re not going to enjoy every moment of it. When you’ve completed the gruelling preparations for dinner and there’s nothing left to do, just sit back, enjoy the company and cherish every moment you have with your loved ones.

If you can stick to these than your Christmas will be amazing no matter what. If you need some more help, here is an insider’s guide to a zen life.