Re-Connecting To The Sacred Feminine

Lately, I have become quite aware that many women are still so disconnected from their own bodies, their ability to love themselves and to appreciate other women. These three elements, come hand-in-hand with each other. If we don’t embrace one, I think we fall out of connection with the others. I feel that this has happened as a result of us unconsciously, holding false beliefs, for far too long!

I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit for our womanly abilities. I mean, we can hold an entire human in our womb. Is that not ridiculously epic?! As young women, we don’t learn the real ins and outs of our own bodies, or the true relevance of our menstrual cycle. This really puts a stop on us, from getting to know the full divinity of our bodies! All we come to learn is that it is inconvenient to our busy lifestyle and sexual interactions. We cringe at the word ‘period’ and push the entire process away because we hate the symptoms, that seem to come along with it. But what if these symptoms, are simply messages from our bodies, to honor the process?

It makes sense that we experience altered moodiness, as it allows us to push others away. After all, it is a time of inwardness, self exploration and self-care. So if we aren’t in an environment that supports that, we create one instead, by unconsciously causing arguments with loved ones. We can put an end to the less than desirable ‘symptoms’, by heeding the lesson to slow down, when our bodies send us the message through physical pain.

We have the ability to consciously understand the needs of our bodies and meet with the transformational energy of our womanly cycle. By doing things that increase our self-love, we can find the space to embrace the process, instead of just unconsciously letting it ‘happen’ to us.

Appreciating our physical bodies for all that they naturally are, can be one of the most wonderful ways to re-fill our self-love meter. It can also be a difficult ability to master! Too often, we talk down about our bodies, to others and ourselves. We have learnt that being happy with our bodies and being confident with who we are inside, comes off as being arrogant. As a result, we have come to know that finding flaws in ourselves and other people, is the more socially acceptable route to take.
The best example of this, is the scene out of the aptly named, ‘Mean Girls’, when each member of the group points out something they hate about their physical body. After not describing a flaw of her own, Cady is glared at, until she feels enough social pressure and judgement, to break. This is what I feel has happened to women in our culture. 

I think if we realized that language has a powerful effect on our psyche, we would be more selective with the words we use against ourselves. Each of our words, has an energy attached to it. Do we want that to be positive or negative energy? Healthier self-talk, results in increased self-love! It’s time to start catching our negative self-talk in the act, before it creates an even stronger habit. It’s time to start celebrating ourselves!

Self-care rituals, like actually making the effort to run a candle-lit bath with essential oils, going for a mindful walk or indulging in foods that you feel great about eating, are all beautiful ways to give yourself support! Without mastering the ability to love ourselves in all ways, we cannot experience the magic of true self-love.
Self-love not only helps us to manifest a happier life but it also opens us to being able to show more love towards others.

A statement that rings so true, is one of Eleanor Roosevelt. ‘Comparison is the thief of joy.’

When we are lacking in the self-love department, we tend to start putting our attention on others instead of ourselves. We begin to compare and focus all of our energy on finding flaws in others, to make our own perceived ‘flaws’ seem smaller. This allows our egos to feel satisfied, for a very minimal amount of time.

In order to have healthier friendships and authentic connections with other women, we need to abstain from the habit of finding flaws. The habit of not complimenting fellow women due to perceiving them as a threat, or because of our egos stubbornness. We seem to have an irrational fear of someone being better than us. How can someone be better than us, if we were all created as individuals? No one can be better at being you, than you!

We are so perfectly and uniquely designed. We were not made to be a copy of the person next to us. We don’t need to strive to be like anybody else. Rather, I think we are meant to embrace our unique quirks, ideas and different ways of thinking, so that we can grow and learn from each other!

So, what if we started empowering other women? Not just the women, who our egos perceive as being weaker than us, or friends who are in our comfort zone but women who are as strong as us, or who are strangers? Our ability to truly empower other women, of all kinds and strengths, is a good indication of our own level of self-love!

Our integrity as women, is constantly tested when we consistently find ourselves in situations, where people are talking about other people. Sometimes it can even be an unhealthy, ‘bonding’ over a discussion about someone else’s life or short comings. Is enganging in this kind of talk, really serving our highest potential? We have the choice.

It is time to start challenging ourselves to show compassion to ALL that cross our path! It is time to start speaking our most authentic truth. It is time to start paving the way for future generations of women, so that they can feel safe and supported, in being their highest self. It is time to truly bloom as the beautiful women we are and re-connect to our long-forgotten, sacred, feminine energy.

With love, 


Taiyla is a heart-centred, intuitive mama, who loves the realm of natural living! She is currently studying Plant Medicine/Herbalism and Ancient Women’s Wisdom. She is happiest when speaking her most authentic truth, whilst exploring and unlocking her inner world and abilities. Taiyla is extremely passionate about helping others, on their own exciting path to deeper connection, self-love and discovery! 

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