Probiotic Green Smoothie

Probiotic Green Smoothie Recipe

The old saying goes – we are what we eat. Well, kind of. Now, it’s known – we are what we absorb. This comes through the health of our gut, where the nutrients are largely extracted in digestion. That’s why we need a pre-probiotic: it provides the food for probiotics (good bacteria, helpful characters) to thrive and do their job (promote effective digestion, amongst many) properly. This smoothie is perfect for spring cleansing, optimising gut health and rejuvenating your cells, particularly after the winter slumber.


2 eggs
Handful of organic baby spinach
Almond milk to blend
1 Frozen banana
2 tspn Amazonia Raw Pre-Probiotic blend


Simply blend all ingredients in high powered blender – enjoy making your tummy happy!

** If your blender struggles with the frozen banana, simply allow it to defrost slightly or cut up into smaller slices prior to freezing and it was help your blender break it down rather than having one large frozen mass to make its way through!


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